Windows 10 will let you Alt+Tab between browser tabs and apps

May 10 13:00 2018

Indeed, the fixes this month cover security flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, ChakraCore, .NET Framework, Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Host Compute Service Shim, and Office and Office Services and Web Apps.

Because of the extensive testing process of Windows 10 Redstone 5, we have a good idea of some – but not all – of the features coming in the update.

Microsoft will be adding something new, a command bar flyout that basically will show you inline tools and options, making the access efficient while also saving the space at the top where such options are now present. For example we don’t know if this issue is limited to SATA or NVMe protocols. The session focused on OneNote and the Windows 10 Mail apps, since the other Office apps in the Store are Win32 and really aren’t using any Fluent Design.

Microsoft will be adding Z-depth, dynamic shadows, and more to Fluent Design to further reduce the flatness of the user interface, using these to create a visual hierarchy inside applications.

Meanwhile Greg Wiseman, senior security researcher at Rapid7 noted that most of May’s fixes seem to be browser related. This build looks to improve on the Sets feature, which allows you to collapse separate windows into tabs in a single window, as well as other features.

Windows 10 Redstone 5 will also bring a new clipboard experience and this build introduces numerous upcoming changes.

It will be available on both Android and iOS devices, Microsoft said, and will offer access to photos, text messages and notifications. This will allow you to take notes on one device and have that same information ready to be displayed on another.

“If hypothetically an attacker were to use that Double Kill exploit on a Windows 7 box, but the user was a regular user, they could then use this attack, elevate their privilege level, and now they’ve got full control of the system”, Goettl said. The new update also lets you paste from clipboard history and pin items, you find yourself using all the time.

The list of new features and improvements doesn’t end here. Many Windows 10 PC owners were forced to revert back to version 1709 (aka Fall Creators Update), reinstall April 2018 Update, and then turn off automatic updates so the evil Patch Tuesday update doesn’t return the PC to its previous continuous boot loop state.

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Windows 10 will let you Alt+Tab between browser tabs and apps
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