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Our Team

We are proud to have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team. Each member brings along their own experience and knowledge to deliver the content in the most professional manner.


Larry Grant – Editor in chief. Larry has been an Editor in chief at since the launch. Before joining us, he was working at various online and paper publications covering International News and Business sections. His wisdom and creativity is the flagship of


Tim Collins – Managing editor. Tim is an integral part of our company. He is a retired Wall street broker and joined to us pursuit his passion in Writing. His trading experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the financial markets helps our readers to get the most accurate picture of the market.


Kate Wilson – Managing editor. Kate is our own fashionishta guru. After graduating college , she has been a constant blogger at various fashion magazines and sites. Her sense of fashion, along with the unique vision of upcoming trends and designs will get you attached. In addition, her inside knowledge of the biggest news in the entertainment and showbiz will make you buzzing for a long time.


Michael Young – Managing editor. Mike works as computer engineer at one of the Silicon Valley technology companies. His field of interests helps us to constantly inform our readers with the latest technological and scientific innovations.


Dave Foster – Managing editor. Dave is coaching a basketball team at his daughter’s high school . His passion for sports provides our readers with the comprehensive analysis and updated news of major sports.


Our other notable writers: Adam Roberts, Stanley Palmer, Steve White, Jill Fisher, Wilson Jones, Thomas Williams, Mary Cooper, Kim Henderson, David Cook, Ashley King, James Reed, John Edmonds, Scott Miller, Karen Parker, Maria Brooks, Joe Stewart.