Will Closing of 8000 Starbucks Stores Really fix Racial Bias?

April 19 13:35 2018

A video of two black men being arrested after police said they were waiting for a friend in a crowded Philadelphia Starbucks circulated last Thursday, receiving backlash on social media.

Footage of the arrest last week went viral, leading to protests at the Philadelphia coffee house.

To his point, the alleged victims in the Starbucks situation – the men who refused the employee’s and police officers’ request to leave – were arrested and then quickly released.

Wedbush analyst Nick Setyan said closing 8,000 stores for training on May 29 could result in US$5 million to US$7 million in lost sales.

Over the weekend, demonstrators called for the firing of the employee who contacted police, who arrested the men on Thursday.

He said the incident underscores the need for more body-worn cameras to present different perspectives of police responses.

“The company’s founding values are based on humanity and inclusion”, executive chairman Howard Schultz said in a statement.

It’s the social justice flawless storm: Liberal company called racist by liberal activists. According to criminologist and Philadelphia attorney Phillip Stinson, the officers “could have removed [the men] from Starbucks and simply sent them on their way”.

Fernandez spoke with Nation’s Restaurant News about four key lessons that companies could take away from the week’s events.

“This afternoon of training is a gesture that will help some people understand the concept of implicit biases”, Dodge said of Starbucks’ plan. “I appreciate your coming and speaking”. Since the program’s inception, every year each member of the police department undergoes almost two months of training including taking a quiz to identify their own biases.

My heart races when I am in my auto and see police approaching, because I know that innocence is no defense when you are black and “fit the description”. “During that time, partners (employees) will go through a training program created to address implicit bias, promote conscious inclusion, prevent discrimination and ensure everyone inside a Starbucks store feels safe and welcome”. Every culture promotes its own stereotypes.

The league was to commemorate the 10-year celebration of its Holocaust education program called “Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust” or LEAS.

Starbucks announced earlier this week that it would close all of its USA stores the afternoon of May 29 while its employees undergo a “racial-bias education”.

While the training may have a positive effect on perspectives, people are not overly impressed by the gesture. The incident was about race, Wimmer, who is white, said. But he also says that people should not confuse these unconscious prejudices with racism.

The young men also did an interview with the Associated Press, saying they were afraid for their lives when police arrived, with the AP reporting, “Robinson said he thought about his loved ones and how the afternoon had taken such a turn as he was taken to jail”. She denied him access because he hadn’t ordered anything, Nelson said on “GMA“. This is about the love and compassion and commitment that we all need to have for the customer’. She suggested an experiment: Go to a Starbucks and assess the demographics of people sitting there. “If this was happening at Johnny’s Coffee Shop down the street we wouldn’t be hearing about it, but the same issues would be going on”.

Protestors demonstrate inside a Center City Starbucks where two black men were arrested in Philadelphia Pennsylvania U.S

Will Closing of 8000 Starbucks Stores Really fix Racial Bias?
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