UKFast reveals gender pay gap of just 0.9%

April 04 16:39 2018

The appeal comes after gender pay figures reported to the Government showed a 14.3 per cent hourly pay gap for the Staffordshire-based business – which JCB believes can be addressed by promoting more women into management positions. Of the data that has already been published, it is highlighted that 78% of the companies pay more to men, while 13% pay more to women.

An estimated 9,000 employers are expected to have to submit such data, with those who miss the deadline potentially facing legal action.

It “encourages women to speak to their colleagues and bosses about the need to tackle gender pay gaps“, says The Independent, and “advises that they join a trade union and set up a women’s network at work”.

Earlier, MBW revealed that the average gender pay gap across all three major labels in the United Kingdom is 33.8% – with 29.8% at Universal, 22.7% at Sony and 49% at Warner.

They are required to publish the mean and median gap between the pay and bonuses of men and women, what percentage of men and women receive bonuses, and how many men and women there are in each quartile of their pay scale.

Media and tech company Oath UK, the owner of HuffPost UK, has revealed it has a median gender pay gap of 23.29%. Having more men in higher-paid roles has affected its pay gap, resulting in the undesirable final figures.

The main opposition Labour party, which put out its figures in February, said it pays men slightly higher on average.

“People who are hiring are mostly older men, and they hire people like themselves”, she said.

Women are paid less than men on average by an overwhelming majority of companies, across all industries, in both private companies and public organizations.

In Amazon Online UK, for example, the hourly median and mean rate is 17.4 per cent lower for women.

“Shining a light on where women are being held back means employers can begin to take action”, a UK Home Office spokesperson said.

Bonus pay is given to 32% of male employees and 29% of female employees. The firm employs more men than women across the board.

Da Silva has worked as a contractor at a string of major banks in London and has seen gender inequality firsthand.

In the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) women are paid an average of 31% less than men across the organisation – meaning for every £1 earned by a man, women earn 69p. For comparison, Boston has a 9% gender wage gap, Los Angeles and NY have 10% gaps, and Seattle has an 11% gap, the report found. Companies want to close the gender pay gap.

Hyland has a number of suggestions as to how this could be achieved, ranging from long-term goals of getting more women into technical roles, to short term policies such as more clearly defining “job roles, salary bands, objective criteria for progression and bonuses”.

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UKFast reveals gender pay gap of just 0.9%
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