Trudeau offers assurances to Quebec dairy farmers post-USMCA

October 05 01:12 2018

Keanin Loomis, chief executive of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, said he believes Canada needs to show it’s serious about protecting its borders from non-market steel coming from countries like China, if we want the remove its tariffs.

Canada realizes that we’re their number one trading partner, and so having this agreement was absolutely critical, I think, for the Canadian economy“, Robertson says.

“We are very disappointed that the administration has missed a huge opportunity to help rebuild and strengthen our USA cattle industry”, he said. Canadian negotiators caved to American demands to allow American wine in what are now Canadian-only wine aisles in supermarkets.

Talks to lift the tariffs continue, but on a “completely separate track”, according to a US official.

Canada also agreed to get rid of its two-year-old Class 7 pricing agreement that restricted USA exports of ultra-filtered milk used to make dairy products.

By agreeing to the new United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA), Lampron writes, “the Trudeau government is opening the door to giant industrial farms and will allow the US dairy model to take hold here at home. But the United States is a big market, and this is a relatively small amount of dairy products relative to the total”, Novakovic said. “The net impact has been zero”.

Peter Brown, general manager with SaskMilk says that despite reassurances from the federal government that dairy interests would be protected under the new trade deal, the terms of the new agreement say otherwise. “But they are part of it”, he said.

The foundation has long called for the scrapping of Canada’s supply managed dairy industry, which effectively controls markets through production quotas, fixed pricing and heavy tariffs on imports ranging between 246 and 300 per cent.

Dairy cows at a county fair in NY. He has repeated the complaint often since, threatening to punish Canada with devastating automobile duties.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada warned that giving U.S. farmers an additional 3.59 per cent slice of the US$16 billion (RM66.2 billion) Canadian milk and cheese market would have a “dramatic impact” on the sector.

In a statement made Monday, the groups thanked the Trump administration for fighting against Canada’s practices, but also called the change “incremental”.

Yet that is less than half a per cent of total American production. In Ohio, milk prices rose in 2017, but are still below 2014 levels, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Higgins says OH dairy farms bring 650 million gallons of milk and other dairy products to market every year. President Donald Trump and his counterparts in Canada and Mexico are expected to sign the USMCA by the end of next month.

We are always anxious about the impact resulting from increased access on the sustainability of Canadian egg, poultry and dairy industries and are especially concerned about what appears to be yet another devastating impact on our fellow dairy farmers.

'There is great interest in the new trade agreement reached with Canada and Mexico' said Wade Merritt the President of Maine International Trade Center

Trudeau offers assurances to Quebec dairy farmers post-USMCA
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