Rage 2 announcement coming today; Trailer leaks ahead of reveal

May 14 16:38 2018

Now a trailer of Rage 2 has been leaked online courtesy of pre-roll ads on Twitter showing exactly what we can expect from the new game.

“No, seriously. If you visit Bethesda’s official Rage 2 website and scroll down to the fine print, you’ll find the following copyright notice: “© 2018 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Bethesda’s Twitter has been ramping up with not-so-subtle teases and at the time of writing has five pictures that progressively hint at RAGE 2’s presence.

Now, with Rage 2, we are hoping to see a refined, more complete version of id’s ambitious effort, just not made by id themselves.This time Rage will be developed by Avalanche Studios, the folk behind Just Cause 3 and, fittingly, Mad Max.

With one game from that leak essentially confirmed, there’s added weight to other titles on the list. While the first game didn’t really pique my interest, I have to admit I’m digging the vibe this teaser gives off.

This May 14 date was teased by Bethesda as well a few days ago.

Ever since the Walmart Canada leak last week let slip the potential existence of some incoming Rage 2 news, Bethesda has jumped on the opportunity to follow it up with a series of images in Tweets alluding to an imminent announcement. Place into a post-apocalyptic waste land very similar to Mad Max, it had superlative capturing mechanics and also good visuals which hold up even today nevertheless it stopped to a substantial cliffhanger.

Bethesda did promise that we will get a worldwide gameplay reveal tomorrow at the end of the trailer, so we’ll update the article once that drops. It appears this will have a slightly different tone than the first Rage if the colors are anything to go by. RAGE 2 is launching on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The above Rage 2 trailer moves pretty quickly, cutting between scenes. Featuring intense first-person shooter action, breakneck vehicle combat, an expansive world to explore and jaw-dropping graphics powered by id’s revolutionary id Tech® 5 technology, RAGE promises an experience like no other.

Bethesda Teases A Pre-E3 Announcement Following Rage 2 Listing

Rage 2 announcement coming today; Trailer leaks ahead of reveal
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