“Modern Family” actor Reid Ewing comes out, discusses struggle with body

November 24 14:23 2015

Reid Ewing, who plays Dylan, the hilarious on again, off again boyfriend of Haley Dunphy on “Modern Family”, has confirmed that he is gay.

On Saturday, he tweeted about a Good Morning America feature from 2011 about body dysmorphic disorder that was attached to his story and got a conversation going on Twitter.

A Twitter user then asked if that meant that Reid had just “outed” himself.

Given Sofia Vergara’s big wedding and Ariel Winter’s family drama, it sounds like the behind-the-scenes of Modern Family might be as interesting as the show, right? “I was never in”, he fired back. “My looks were the only thing that mattered to me”, writes Reid. 

His struggle with body dysmorphia was more of a revelation – he told the Huffington Post about his intense dissatisfaction as a teenager with how he looked, which led to a cosmetic surgery nightmare. This caused him to seek out additional procedures to help him feel better about his face. A doctor, he met with agreed with him that getting the surgery was necessary for his career as an actor.

On Monday, November 23, he posted a GIF of an unimpressed Bea Arthur as Dorothy on Golden Girls, tweeting, “Writes a cosmetic surgery article, people care more that I’m gay.” Plastic surgery is not always a bad thing.

Regretting the choices he made in terms of plastic surgeries, Ewing says he liked the way his face looked before he went under the knife. “Now I can see that I was fine to begin with and didn’t need the surgeries after all”, he wrote.

This actor's searingly honest essay on his addiction to plastic surgery is

“Modern Family” actor Reid Ewing comes out, discusses struggle with body
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