Microsoft adds new Outlook features to Windows, Mac, mobile and the web

May 03 16:05 2018

We get new and exciting new features with every new major update of Windows 10, but older ones are flushed out. The Timeline also functions to help users track down files or whatever they surfed on when signing in to their Microsoft accounts while running Edge or Office 365 on mobile devices.

Other new features include a dictation service and focus assist to block app notifications. With the April 2018 update, Microsoft has updated Groove Music app in accordance with these changes.

Microsoft has now made Windows 10 April 2018 Update available and you can update in four possible ways.

In Windows 10, the People app shows mail from Office 365 contacts and contacts from your school or work organization under Conversations. By releasing an update with problems that cause touch screens to malfunction, they have frustrated a significant portion of their user base – rendering the screen pretty much useless outside of acting as a normal display.

The other big move is the introduction of Windows Ink support, which means you can scribble down text with your stylus (or mouse), and the app will translate that written content for you. Also note that Microsoft makes several significant changes, like the one we’re talking about here, to Windows 10 each year. Here’s how to turn off transparency in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

Another technology in the mix is the Microsoft Authenticator app, which allows you to access your Microsoft account using your mobile phone. “This page enables you to ensure that policies, settings and apps can be provisioned on the device during that out-of-box experience before the user gets to the desktop and begins interacting with the device”. Designed primarily for professional use, the email client is gaining features that will benefit both business customers and average consumers. You can customise audio settings for all the applications on Windows 10. There is also a grammar tool and support for autofill on web forms. You can even flip existing PCs into Windows S mode instead of having to buy new devices, if you want to give first-line workers more controlled systems.

More than anything, Microsoft 365 is an attempt to make the regular adoption of new releases easier for businesses and IT teams to cope with.

In addition to these consumer-centric features, the company is also announcing a number of features for Windows 10 business and enterprise users today.

Singh said the goal was to make it possible for end users to never deal with a password in their day-to-day lives, and to provide instead user credentials that can not be cracked, breached, or phished. That’s the safe way – and the method Microsoft recommends – but if you’re OK with disregarding this advice, fire up the Windows 10 computer you want to update. Not everybody is going to love an operating system that increasingly relies on cloud services for some of its more advanced features (like Timeline), but that’s pretty much the way Microsoft is going here and that’s also where there is some obvious room for innovations.

The next major Windows 10 update is launching on Monday

Microsoft adds new Outlook features to Windows, Mac, mobile and the web
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