Google Search Turns 20 With New Easter Eggs, Homepage Doodle

September 27 12:45 2018

The Google search engine is being redesigned for recommended content. ‘Discover’ update on Google will show videos and other things related to the list of your interests.

It is working to bring new features to search that will help users with ongoing information needs. You can further refine your results by “drawing” on an image to select more specific content.

And third, Google Images is one of the most popular features of search, according to Cathy Edwards, vice president of Google Images.

Google said the new Lens search tools will roll out in the coming weeks. You can click on any of the results and see relevant images. That’s just like Lens already does on mobile cameras. They’re also showing more context around images in results, including captions that show you the title of the webpage where each image is published. Google says they won’t show up every time or for every query, and users can edit and remove results from the Cards. Google, in fact, has had to face backlash from privacy pundits across the world, for how it goes about, or at least it tries to go about, meddling with search as and when necessary, allegedly propagating the new-age phenomena of fake news. Additionally, Discover uses the Full Coverage feature found in Google News to provide a broader picture of a particular topic by providing an “unpersonalized view of events from a range of trusted news sources”. The winning doodle of the Google logo will be featured on for a day on the Children’s Day i.e 14th November, 2018.

The internet firm has been marking the anniversary throughout September and earlier this week announced updates to its search engine aimed at looking ahead to the “next 20 years”. “Now, with an improved Collections experience, you can add your content from an activity card directly to Collections“. The Google Feed is becoming “Discover“, and it’ll start popping up in more places.

Google is an ever-changing entity when it comes to search.

Why this matters: Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be the new watchword at companies like Google, Microsoft and others: sprinkle a little AI on a feature, and watch its engagement grow. You’ll be able to save content from the activity card to your collections.

Apparently, Google has run more than 200,000 experiments that made way for 2,400 plus changes to the search engine. Discover is customizable, so you can choose to see more or less of a certain topic by tapping and control icon. You won’t have to watch an entire video for the relevant part of the news as Google will filter out the irrelevant part and show you more videos of what you might be interested in. The search giant is making it easier for you to see what information you should explore next.

Google's 20th Anniversary

Google Search Turns 20 With New Easter Eggs, Homepage Doodle
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