Are Smart Devices Taking Over Our Lives?

October 01 07:04 2018

Most people are well aware of the benefits of the digital age, where advanced technology has helped to make life far easier, more convenient, and more practical. However, there are those who feel that technology has crossed the boundary and started to take over the lives of many, particularly when it comes to devices like smartphones and tablets.


There is no doubt that having access to high speed internet has made a huge positive different to our personal and working lives. We can now do everything from carrying out a background check to starting our own business thanks to fast internet access. However, the use of smart devices appears to be more social than practical, particularly for younger people who tend to live their lives on their devices.


Reasons behind the obsession

 Many people would agree that smart devices have become something of an obsession amongst the younger generation. Even pre-teen kids are now sporting smartphones worth hundreds of dollars, with many spending hours on end glued to their device. While using smartphones and other devices for a moderate amount of time is fine, there are those that simply cannot bring themselves to put their phones and devices down. This has not been helped by the popularity of social media, with people glued to their devices and sending messages back and forth all day or checking to see what other people are up to.


For younger people, this definitely does have some worrying repercussions. For instance, while youngsters are busy playing games, streaming content, and using social media on their devices, they are not engaging in anything active or even getting any fresh air outdoors. This can have a serious impact on health; with obesity levels already worrying amongst the younger generation, this smart device obsession could make things even worse. Of course, it is not just younger people that are on the devices all the time. People in their late 20s, 30s, and 40s appear to have developed an attachment to their devices – literally! Some cannot even bring themselves to go to the toilet without taking their phone along.


With so many people letting smart devices take over their lives, it has become increasingly important to look at moderating the use of devices unless it is something to do with work. When it comes to younger people, the parents have the ultimate responsibility of monitoring and moderating their use of smart devices, while for older users, it is self-determination and willpower that will provide the solution.


There is no doubt that smart technology has proven invaluable in our day to day lives, both in terms of personal use and business use. However, being able to use this type of technology in moderation is essential if you want to make the most of it rather than becoming addicted to it. As with anything else in life, this is something that you should always enjoy in moderation.

Are Smart Devices Taking Over Our Lives?
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