Women Candidates Dominate the Democratic Primaries with 22 Nominations

May 11 15:26 2018

Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina are holding primary elections on Tuesday.

The race featured something of a mini-primary with Cordray supported by Sen. Read on to see.

The only statewide election on Tuesday in which the victor was a surprise was the Republican primary for Senate in IN, which was won by a multimillionaire businessman named Mike Braun, who put enough of his own money into the race that he spent more than both of his opponents-the congressmen Todd Rokita and Luke Messer-combined.

Blankenship’s claim to be “Trumpier than Trump” – and the conspiracy theories and outlandish accusations he seemed to back that claim up with – didn’t serve him well with voters in the end.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is projected to win the West Virginia GOP Senate primary, according to NBC News.

Manchin is in for a fight: Manchin, a conservative-leaning Democrat, may face the most hard race of his career. No Democratic candidates will appear on the ballot in either district Tuesday. Richard Ojeda and Republicans state Del.

President Donald Trump visits Elkhart, Indiana Thursday to claim his tax cuts have powered that town’s economic revival.

Cordray, who resigned earlier this year as the head of a consumer watchdog federal agency proposed by Warren and created under the Barack Obama administration, will face Mike DeWine, the veteran Republican office-holder who ousted him as attorney general in a close 2010 contest.

Virginia is one of 18 states where voters don’t register as a Democrat or Republican if they want to take part in primary elections.

According to Roll Call, Renacci was brought into the race after the chosen candidate, Josh Mandel, dropped out for family reasons.

Both parties expect Senate races in the Philadelphia suburbs to be among the most competitive.

But perhaps in the most interesting news of the night from OH, the voters chose by a whopping 50 points to reevaluate redistricting in an attempt to stop gerrymandering.

For now, six months out from the election, it’s too soon to tell which lines will stick and whether this approach will work as well as he hopes, but it’s already clear how Trump intends to fight.

And that is what it will really come down to.

All the fire and fury they unleashed on Trump hurt the GOP’s numbers, but they’re burning out.

The Democratic Party as a whole is viewed more positively than the Republican Party: 44% have a favorable take on the Democrats, 39% on the Republicans.

Year of the women continued: Women have found success in the early primaries of 2018, with the trend continuing Tuesday: Nineteen open House Democratic primaries had at least one female candidate and a woman won in 16 of them. Joe Manchin in November if the ex-con coal baron were his opponent. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote with support from only a little over 20 percent of the population, while Trump received the vote of a little over 19 percent of the population. Braun’s key to victory?

In the Republican 1st District magistrate race, Anthony Hash is challenging Republican James E. Jones. In 2016, he spent $3.1 million of his own money on his campaign. He upset two incumbent Republican congressmen, Luke Messer and Todd Rokita.

The survey comes as Democrats believe they can go on the offense this year on health care and attack Republicans for higher premiums on the ObamaCare exchanges.

And EMILY’s List had another success in IN, with chosen candidate Liz Watson winning her primary over civil rights attorney Dan Canon.

Трамп опасается что демократы будут мешать экономическому прогрессу

Women Candidates Dominate the Democratic Primaries with 22 Nominations
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