SPOILERS: Everybody Who Dies in Avengers: Infinity War

April 27 12:30 2018

Trying to not give away any spoilers, Avengers: Infinity War has a simple storyline: Thanos is coming and he wants all the infinity stones to wipe off half the universe with a snap of his fingers.

Ok, ok, we’re probably not going to see him rock up and get in Cap’s grill anytime soon, but the fact that he was the gatekeeper behind the Soul Stone was something I’m pretty sure no one was expecting. Also, Iron Man welcomes teen Spiderman to the Avengers.

However, this isn’t just an ambitious crossover film to delight fans.

In other words, some heroes’ choices led them up to where we find them in Infinity War, while Ant-Man’s led him to where he appears in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Thanks to the genius Shuri, the Winter Soldier was able to join his pals in the Wakandan field to fight Thanos’ army who arrived ready to take the Mind Stone from Vision’s head.

Let’s cut to the chase. Tell us in comments below! But he does get to play a crucial part in Thor’s arc, and his amusing intro with Captain America makes for a great gag!

According to Deadline, the super-packed film debuted in 21 global markets already, raking in $39 million from the get-go. Infinity Wars is exclusively set on him trying to collect all the six stones that represent the different elements of life – mind, time, soul, reality, power and space. This weekend marked the film’s release and unsurprisingly, the latest Marvel installment has sold out shows in cinemas across Karachi for the next two weeks. I’ve seen numerous preceding films, but not all.

While for the most part he demonstrates his sheer power brutality, he has to fight his own demons too while making his choices. Just how far back? It mentioned Philippines as one of the locations like Alaska, Norway, and Chile. The others are scattered on different planets. The stinger also confirms that we will see the character’s traditional red and blue colour scheme in use, after the first set photos showed her wearing a green costume. They segregated the superheroes into various teams.

Speaking of fantastic payoffs, Thanos is very much worth the hype that’s been surrounding him for six years now. Given that villains are seldom the best parts of a Marvel film, we chose to look back at five that worked surprisingly well. The one-liners are brilliant and crisp, and add the flawless touch of humour to dark situations.

Fans know from the trailer that Thor will meet quite a few of the Guardians crew.

The Russo brothers – Anthony and Joe – have done a tremendous job with direction. Well, don’t worry, as the makers have promised us that Avengers 4 will give more scope to characters who didn’t get much to do in Infinity War.

It ends on a shocking cliffhanger, and the post-credits don’t seem to provide answers either. Stay updated with QuintDaily for more Avengers Infinity War review.

The action was well-paced and exciting to follow as the action in a lot of Marvel films is.

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SPOILERS: Everybody Who Dies in Avengers: Infinity War
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