Donald Trump seeks DOJ investigations into Obama Administration

February 24 08:05 2018

The ink was barely dry on the Federal Bureau of Investigation indictments of 13 Russians for meddling in the 2016 presidential elections before President Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of 20-plus tweets to vent his anger. Trump thinks the attorney general has not done enough to protect him. Almost three-quarters of Republicans say they are not very or not at all concerned about any improper relations between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, something that bothers almost half the public overall. His racially charged campaign announcement speech alienated large segments of the population and his outrageous debate performances only increased skepticism about his seriousness.

The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, warned the Trump administration on February 19 not to “play with fire” in Syria by supporting the autonomy-seeking Kurds, who have helped the US largely eradicate the Islamic State militant group’s presence in the country.

And this is hardly the first time Trump has called out his attorney general on Twitter.

The attorney general’s recusal past year was the first in a series of steps that led to Mueller’s appointment. “Ask Jeff Sessions!” Trump wrote on Twitter, referring to his attorney general who recused himself a year ago from any matter pertaining to the probe.

One of the most revealing disclosures in the indictment was how deeply Mueller’s investigators were able to penetrate the internal communications of a once-secret Russian “troll farm” in St. Petersburg.

Following the recusal, rumors of the president’s displeasure with Sessions leaked into the press.

Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr deliberately omitted on federal disclosure forms the fact that his wife, an expert on Russian Federation, worked on the Fusion GPS dossier.

“What happened to Jeff Session?“.

President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell each took an oath of office that included solemnly swearing to defend the Constitution of the United States. The relationship was apparently so bad that Sessions offered to resign, but Trump declined.

As the students of the attacked high school have taken to national television to rally fellow teenagers for a massive march on Washington on March 24, Mr. Trump has callously used the deplorable event that claimed 17 more victims in his latest all-about-me news-cycle strategy. Did you fire him and replace him with Jeff Sessions?

The White House did not return a request for comment from the Daily News.

When Obama wouldn’t go into Syria because he didn’t want to get in a fight with Russia, Trump didn’t have that problem, when Syria broke chemical weapons laws.

Sessions responded to the criticism by calling it “kind of hurtful” but did not offer to resign.

It’s time to start paying serious attention to the Russian Federation investigation. “And obviously he sees cause for it”. Two-thirds of Republicans agree with the President. “Just last week, there was an incident that will be reported in the coming days, and another way that this president was tough on Russia“, Sanders said in a briefing for reporters. But as he spent a three-day weekend mulling the disclosures, the president grew angry, aides said. Why is Trump still not taking the Russian interference in our elections seriously, even after the heads of our intelligence services said Russia is going to meddle in the 2018 elections? Furthermore, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein noted, none of those indicted had direct ties to any USA citizen.

Meanwhile, the indictments stress that social media companies must behave more responsibly, doing a much better job of vetting those who post information.

She said the Trump administration will take actions such as imposing additional sanctions to combat Russian interference. “Ask Jeff Session (sic)!”

Trump Again Blames Obama for Russia Meddling Response

Donald Trump seeks DOJ investigations into Obama Administration
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