Comey: I don’t have nickname for Trump

April 26 09:59 2018

Comey later shared a memo he kept about conversations with Trump to one of his friends, who leaked it to the press.

Comey is credible and not just trying to sell his book. The man courageous enough to use any means necessary to bring down a president he didn’t like.

At least two of the memos Comey leaked contained classified information. Comey labelled these illegal actions as “really sloppy”. President Trump is not flawless but some of the comments made by Comey are slanderous.

The Journal wrote that the Justice Department Inspector General “is now conducting an investigation into classification issues related to the Comey memos”.

“Those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American”, stated the letter. The most recent example, Executive Order 13526, was signed by former President Barack Obama in 2009, according to the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. In fact, he was supposed to be in South America attending a diplomatic summit.

“You might want to acclimate your client with 18 USC 793, about leaking classified information, which is a serious crime and your client needs to be held accountable”. “Afterwards, he returned only to get his things because they departed for NY by plane that same night”.

A controversial “dossier” funded by political opponents of Trump and researched by a former British intelligence officer accuse Trump and the campaign of having numerous, and seemingly nefarious, ties to Russian Federation.

Congressional testimony reportedly given by Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller past year further supports the evidence that the president stayed overnight in Russian Federation.

Through Comey, we see how deep corruption runs in an agency that has become a powerful threat to liberty. They were not subject to grand jury subpoenas, and a potential co-defendant was allowed to claim attorney-client privilege. Dad insisted it didn’t matter. That’s where you start in evaluating a person, an entity, a country.

A CNN reporter at the party asked Comey about the assertion – from one of Comey’s own memos – that he assailed government leakers and laughed after Trump floated the idea of jailing journalists to target leakers. Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff Scooter Libby was convicted, though he was pardoned by Trump last week.

While Comey initially referred to Richman only as his friend, he has recently said Richman is also his attorney.

“Though I do wish he left some stuff out”, said a woman who used to know Comey from her days working at the White House.

The former Federal Bureau of Investigation director’s visit caused quite a stir on campus. Anthony Weiner. After Comey learned of this, he made his October 28 announcement that the Clinton email investigation was being reopened. Some things I just laughed at. “He was insane, a real nut job”, Trump said, according to the document. “And it’s, I think, consoling itself that we’re going to achieve important policy goals ― a tax cut or something”.

He says in the article, “Those arguing that the director should have remained silent until the new emails could be reviewed – even if that process lasted, or was delayed, until after the election – give too little thought to the governing that needs to happen after November”. Trump does not represent any values I admire. Did you trade a tax cut for the rule of law, for equal protection of the laws, for the truth? “I’m trying to be outside of politics so intentionally tried not to follow it a lot”. Alas, another man pushed over the edge by a demanding editor. Comey’s wounded ego is bigger than Trump’s and he is merely another Trump-basher, with a grudge, trying to sell a book.

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Comey: I don’t have nickname for Trump
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