Apple working on touchless gestures, curved screens for future iPhones

April 07 15:32 2018

Instead of curving outwards towards the edges of the phone, Apple is considering displays that have a concave curvature that slowly dips towards the center from the top and bottom.

The new displays is a new gesture control feature. The report said that a touchless gesture feature from Apple would use technology built into the display rather than sensing motions from sensors in front of the phone.

Just like the gesture controls, the curved screen iPhone is still in development and might not ever see the light of day.

With the iPhone X off to a weaker than expected start, Apple has been scrambling to offer better innovations in future devices. OLED displays are capable of being shaped into curves or even folded, unlike LCD screens, which were used in older iPhones. Specifically, a Bloomberg report from earlier in the week claims that Apple has been prototyping a curved iPhone model created to stand out in a smartphone market where devices are becoming harder and harder to tell apart. However, the technology will take at least two years to get fully developed if Apple decides to take it up seriously, stated a person familiar with the company’s plans. Back when including everything but the kitchen sink in phones was a thing, Samsung allowed users to control their Galaxy S devices by doing things like waving their hand over the display to scroll. Later, they went a step ahead and launched 3D Touch. While Face ID makes it easy to unlock a phone without touching the screen a couple of times, many of us are already familiar with the swipes and taps a touchscreen enables. Alphabet’s Google is also working on touchless gestures. Assumptions are that Apple may not be ready to mass produce such iPhones for the next two years. Now that the Apple Watch is fast enough to really live up to the potential of this kind of functionality, the app seems to have fallen too far behind to keep up with Apple. Apple launched a large-scale probe, which led to a temporary suspension at some parts plants.

Image Credit Corning

Apple working on touchless gestures, curved screens for future iPhones
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