What’s new in iOS 12.3 beta 1

March 30 00:00 2019

Apple Card also does not require signatures at point-of-sale terminals for any credit cards.

Needless to say, if you want to get an iPhone XR with this insane discount, you need to hurry up, because the promo is available only as long as supplies last. “But given that Gen Z values practicality, independence and change in other aspects of their lives, Apple Card may be perceived as something that makes them “feel good feels” about how their finances are doing and about the life they’re living”. Apple has not confirmed if the paid news subscription service will come to other countries.

A unique card number is created on iPhone for Apple Card and stored safely in the device’s Secure Element, a special security chip used by Apple Pay.

You can also expect to see the Apple TV app on other devices not made by Apple, with Samsung’s new range of TVs getting the app, as well as models from LG and Sony later on, as well.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc will issue the cards to users. Users won’t even have to make a call; they can simply message the issuer from their iPhone.

The rewards rate for the virtual version of the Apple Card matches numerous highest flat-rate cash-back cards on the market. Don’t Miss: Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers haven’t been this cheap since Black Friday If you’re updating from an older iteration of iOS, you’ll notice a redesigned TV app which, if it works as advertised, should help streamline the TV viewing experience.

This might not be a fair comment since it’s only been five days since Apple Card debuted. It also lets you set up more frequent payments if you want to pay more often then once a month. This makes it flawless for frequent overseas travelers. Apple has been known to reject apps and updates for very minor omissions or deviations from its published rules.

In late 2018, the bestselling crafting and exploration game Minecraft – yes, the one with the blocks – was effectively pulled from Apple TV after it failed to attract users. “However, what’s mentioned is that tech magazines did run ads for the ‘Apple Business Credit Card” and a consumer credit card, both with each worth $2500 in instant credit.

What about interest rates?

According to Apple, its digital credit card will have no late fees, no annual fees, no worldwide fees and an interest rate among the lowest in the industry, however the fine print on this last point shows a pretty standard range of interest. However, for those with low scores, the interest charged could be a concern. The physical, chip-enabled card will also be shipped to you after a brief waiting period. The card offers better security features that could reduce credit card fraud. Apple Card has no late fees and no penalty rates.

Apple has declared games played through Arcade will have no ads, ad tracking or feature in-app purchases.

This unveiling of new services comes after Apple reported its first fourth quarter decline in holiday revenue and profit in over 10 years. As discussed above, you get 3 percent back on purchases from Apple (when you use Apple Pay), 2 percent back on Apple Pay transactions, and 1 percent back when you pay with the physical card. Many cards offer up to 5% cash back on things like dining and entertainment, groceries, or gas. Apple designed a titanium Apple Card for shopping at locations where Apple Pay isn’t yet accepted.

A flaw in Apple’s News+ desktop app allows users to download magazines without subscribing

What’s new in iOS 12.3 beta 1
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