Watch These Beauty and the Beast Super Fans’ Amazing Cosplay Karaoke

March 20 05:59 2017

If things hold, Beauty and the Beast should also set a new March opening record, surpassing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s $166 million. However, does that mean it delivered the magic?

Though it wasn’t the immaculately fresh take on an old piece of cinematic treasure everyone was hoping for, this version has managed a fair share of spot-on tweaks for our modern times, controversies notwithstanding.

As the movie pulls in huge amounts of cash and fans go to the theaters to watch the Disney Classic, the question once again raises itself – how much did Emma Watson make for playing the leading role in the movie? Little does she know, there is a dark curse on the castle in which she resides.

“They want everyone back for an original story”. So what, if anything, justifies another retelling?

The Grammy and Emmy-Award winning McDonald, 46, returns to movies this week with Disney’s live action Beauty and The Beast. Whether a younger viewer could pick up on this in the film and if it’s something they should see will be up to the parent’s discretion. But in the live action, Belle’s love for roses leads to more than you know from the animated version.

In this you find the film’s greatest strengths, but also its greatest weaknesses. LeFou, while directly associated with the story’s villain, is a sympathetic character whose intentions are more rooted in loyalty and insecurity than in a pursuit of evil, and LGBT rights group GLAAD has come out in support of the character’s portrayal. The ad is delivered using the regular Google Assistant voice, so it blends in seamlessly with the other information – but some people still aren’t happy about it. I got chills when he tells Belle, “Fearless”.

Belle’s provincial home town looks like it’s been lifted from a fairytale, all frilly costumes and cobbled streets. You dance along with the devilishly handsome and equally menacing Gaston.

Beauty & The Beast is in cinemas now. Does it feel like a good time to bring out an unashamed, all-singing all-dancing musical?

For those who aren’t up to date with latest movie trends, the after-credits scene is a short scene that plays only after all the credits have stopped rolling at the very end. I couldn’t sit down in between takes so they had to build me a lean-to so that I could have some place to rest my head and neck. Played somewhat stiffly by Emma Watson, this is a Belle who bravely steps forward to see the Beast for the first time, in the fullness of the light, rather than passively waits for him to reveal himself, as occurs in the first movie. The 2017 remake attempts to rectify some of the issues with Disney’s 1991 animated film, but some say it still has a few problems. But if that makes it sound like I didn’t like the movie, I did! We all enjoyed the film.

There’s one line from The Mob Song that feels particularly sad in that context.

“I believe if these countries had ordered Disney to cut the scene, the company would obey as it would not want to forego the huge income from ticket sales”, said Nur Jazlan.

Thankfully, in steps the ideal A-list supporting cast to pick up both energy and pace in those times of need. Every addition and change was made with love and respect to the original.

Beauty and the Beast is in theaters now.

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Watch These Beauty and the Beast Super Fans’ Amazing Cosplay Karaoke
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