UC Berkeley flip-flops on Ann Coulter, proposes May date

April 21 13:33 2017

It appears Coulter isn’t happy that Drudge portrayed the decision by the school as a positive development.

It also echoed a similar cancellation in February of a planned speech at the university by right-wing provocateur and former Brietbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, following violent protests.

Coulter told the Washington Post in an email that she thinks her speech has been “unconstitutionally banned” by the “public, taxpayer-supported UC-Berkeley”.

Ann Coulter, a well-known American commentator, writer, political critic, writer, columnist and a lawyer. she is frequently invited for speech on different mediums.

U.S. President Donald Trump, who had taken office just days earlier, threatened to cut off funding to the school after the violence surrounding Yiannopoulos’ planned lecture and U.C. Berkeley’s decision to cancel it. Before the cancelled speech Ann Coulter claimed that she has signed numerous security measures.

But Coulter tweeted that she still intends to speak at “Berkeley next Thursday”. She’s the author of several books, including Adios, America; In Trump We Trust; and Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican.

“There is a principle at stake – the principle of the right to speak on campus”, said Todd Gitlin, a sociology and journalism professor at Columbia University.

On Thursday, the school said it had rescinded the previous day’s cancelation of the event over security fears from leftist rioters, and would have a secure on-campus facility where she could speak May 2.

The so-called “Home of the Free Speech Movement” has so far been a shelter of leftist extremism and violence rather than a refuge for all students, regardless of political persuasion.

Berkeley officials are no doubt congratulating themselves that they have dodged another bullet and that the smokescreen created by their histrionic concerns for “public safety” will hide their unwillingness to defend free speech and prevent their campus from being cleansed of conservative ideas. But if the town is going to burn on the 27th and they’re going to get sued by the victims for not having done more to provide security, then sure, they’ll spring into action and find a “protectable venue”. Three people were arrested, but protests remained peaceful. “We look forward to working with them on what we hope will be a safe and successful event”.

Hey, Berkeley, how about sending out the cops to deal with the lawbreakers – rather than squelching the free speech of the innocent?

At a news conference in Haas Paviliion, officials made clear that their concerns over Coulter’s appearance were entirely about the safety of the campus community, not the views of the outspoken pundit.

Coulter replied: “Well, we’ll find out if they arrest me when I show up to give my speech”.

In a letter to Berkeley College Republicans this week, university officials said they could not ensure the safety of Coulter, audience members or protesters expected at the event.

UC Berkeley calls off Ann Coulter talk for security reasons

UC Berkeley flip-flops on Ann Coulter, proposes May date
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