Tesla Model 3 starts the journey to disrupt global EV market

July 29 12:31 2017

Thousands of Tesla customers, employees, and guests gathered the evening of July 28 at the company’s Fremont, California factory where Musk plans to build half a million EVs-400,000 of them Model 3 cars-next year.

He asked for patience from the estimated half-million customers who have put down $1,000 refundable deposits to reserve a Model 3. CEO Elon Musk handed the keys over to the first few owners at the company’s Fremont factory. As important as any feature, the Tesla 3 prices out at $35,000 for the base model, before incentives.

“The key fundamental question is whether Model 3 can be delivered in volume, at decent margins and with good quality”, Toni Sacconaghi, a Sanford C. Bernstein analyst, wrote in a note to clients on Thursday.

However, the simple design of Tesla Model 3 has the potential to reduce any major problem in the assembly-line. The more expensive variant has a 0-60mph time of sub-5-seconds according to Musk and is capable of 225km/h. After rolling onto the stage in a cherry-red Model 3, one of the first looks Musk gave the audience of the new vehicle was a short video showing off the interior of the auto, which he essentially said was created to be autonomous. Musk says given the cars are increasingly going to be autonomous, you won’t need one. Visit MarketWatch.com for more information on this news.

Lisa Gingerich, a Milwaukee-based attorney, reserved a Model 3 within minutes of the order bank’s opening. Elon Musk had finally succeeded in manufacturing the “best” auto that $35,000 can buy, Elon Musk was personally involved and this Model 3 project was his baby from the start. We expect United Kingdom cars to cost in the region of £35,000 – although this assumes the United Kingdom government will continue to offer a grant for private buyers of electric cars.

She says that a lot of hybrids posted moderate sales thanks to the Prius.

Mr Musk said he was unsure how quickly Tesla could accelerate production to meet the backlog of orders. Even more interesting revelation is that despite no chance of getting Model 3 before 2019, bookings are still mounting. But analysts say new vehicle buyers are stretching loans out as long as 84 months or 7 years.

The glitzy ceremony marked a milestone in Tesla’s campaign to produce an electric vehicle targeted at a mass market, with a base price as low as $35,000.

But while 30 lucky people got their cars today, many will have to wait at least a year. Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen designed the company’s three most vaunted accomplishments: the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

Created to be smaller, simpler and easier to assemble than its bigger sibling, the Model 3 is also priced to compete in the heart of the auto market. A long-range version will have a price tag of $44,000, offering a range of 310 miles. The steering is meaty and positive, but beyond that on such a short drive the overall impression was that it delivers a very similar driving experience to the Model S or X and stays true to previous product dynamics.

Much is riding on new Tesla's mass appeal

Tesla Model 3 starts the journey to disrupt global EV market
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