Sonu Nigam Takes Maulvi’s Challenge, Shaves His Head

April 19 23:03 2017

Take a look at Sonu Nigam’s photos from the press conference!

Meanwhile, countering the fatwa the singer announced that he will shave his head himself today at 2 pm Indian time.

Sonu Nigam addressing the press conference on Wednesday, 19 April 2017.

We need to see the 10 lakh rupees to complete the transaction here. He later invited the media to be part of the event.

Meanwhile, a complaint was also filed against the 43-year-old singer for his morning azaan tweets under sections 294, 295, 295A, 296, 500, 501 of IPC. The one who is cutting hair is a Muslim and I am a Hindu.

In one of his arguments against using loudspeakers for prayer calls, Sonu Nigam said that Muhammad did not have electricity when “he made Islam”. However, one Maulvi in West Bengal did something stupid that tilted the scale in Sonu’s favour – he issued a fatwa against the singer. Personally, I don’t have any opinion on this.

‘I’m neither right wing nor left wing; I am in the center. I am in the middle. “I’m not talking about any single religion”, he added. You have to fight fanaticism. He not only questioned why he being a non-Muslim had to wake up with Azaan, but also asked how valid is it to use loudspeakers in religious institutions. I’ve never had to make a speech like this. Too bad that they r on Mosques, Temples & Gurudwaras, thus the reference. The Kal Ho Na Ho singer had once vented out his anger on Twitter after his morning sleep was disturbed by the azaan. Same goes for people dancing on roads drunk during religious processions. “I am against all that”.

Meanwhile, celebrity hairstylist Hakim Aalim who shaved Sonu’s head told media persons that he was waiting for the bounty, that he could offer for charity.

When Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi was approached to talk on the matter, he said Sonu hasn’t fulfilled all the three demands.

Bollywood Singer Stands By His Word Clean Shaves His Head

Sonu Nigam Takes Maulvi’s Challenge, Shaves His Head
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