Singapore Facebook users may have had personal data breached

April 06 15:31 2018

They urged the social media giant to add reporting mechanisms to the Messenger app, increase transparency, engage more with local stakeholders and draw on data and engineering teams to identify repeat offenders.

But the lack of disclosure has angered some Facebook users, as has the absence of any similar tool for normal users. As a result of the furore over the revelation, Zuckerberg has twice been called before the United Kingdom parliament’s probe into fake news and has also been called to testify before the US Congress commerce committee and the Senate’s commerce and judiciary committees.

More fallout from Facebook, which now says tens of millions more users may have had their personal information shared with a political consulting firm.

In a response to a letter by the Indian IT Minister, Facebook revealed on Wednesday that the data of more than five lakh Indian users may have been improperly shared due to a data breach.

The bulk of the affected accounts belong to North American Facebook users, which now stand at over 70 million accounts which had their data compromised. Although that was useful for people who wanted to find others on Facebook, it turns out that unscrupulous types also figured out years ago that they could use it to identify individuals and collect data off their profiles.

Mr Zuckerberg told reporters in a conference call on Wednesday that he accepted responsibility for the hijacking of private user data and other abuses, but when asked if he remained the best person to lead Facebook, he answered “yes”. This and other information, the new policy states, “could be subject to special protections under the laws of your country“.

A Facebook representative told the website The Verge that the information would have been used generally and not customized to specific patients. Users of the dating app Tinder, for example, experienced problems logging in over recent days because Facebook is now cutting down the amount of information that apps can get from its own users.

Facebook expanded its share of social app downloads in March by 33.2 per cent from 30.1 per cent, Evercore data showed.

The second change is introduced to Facebook’s News Feed feature.

Facebook has not been accurate with its numbers for a company that prides itself and touts itself for having very accurate metrics for ad targeting”, Goel said. So we have now disabled this feature.

The third change announced by Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, which will come into effect on Monday, April 9, is a link that will be located at the top of the newsfeed. The company is still reeling from the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the blows keep on coming. We started approving these permissions in 2014, but now we’re tightening our review process – requiring these apps to agree to strict requirements before they can access this data.

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Singapore Facebook users may have had personal data breached
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