Samsung Galaxy S9’s Camera beats Google Pixel 2 with Record DxOMark Score

March 02 08:14 2018

American magazine Consumer Reports on Monday published its latest “Best Smartphone Cameras” list which has been updated with latest smartphones from the likes of manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung (Galaxy S9 duo is set for review in March).

Made for the way people increasingly communicate and express themselves more with images, videos and emojis, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ drive innovation with Samsung’s “most advanced camera ever”. Meaning the 6-inch Google Pixel 2 XL is a flawless middle ground between the two.

If you care to dive into the details, the breakdown is pretty interesting in the photo department.

Like the Note8, the Galaxy S9+ has hybrid zoom and offers a Bokeh (Live Focus) mode.

The person who performed the tests; Andrei Frumusanu stated that the dismal results could be attributed to a faulty device firmware or a faulty SoC. In fact, they call exposure and contrast the “most important sub-score”. Google’s Pixel 2 XL is pretty powerful, but the Galaxy S9+ is the clear victor here. There were also noticeable artifacts like ringing halos and red-eye from flash. It also added a “super slow-mo” camera, and it automatically adjusts to the aperture the user is shooting, much like humans adapting to changing light. Thankfully, the S9 did emerge as the victor, when compared to equivalent Android devices.

In any event, Samsung was able to beat out the Google Pixel 2 XL for the top spot, something it was not able to do a year earlier with its Galaxy S8+ vs. the original Pixel XL. “The tests take place in both lab and real-world situations, using a wide variety of subjects“. The S9 Plus is probably the best right now. It’s actually significantly brighter, more accurate in terms of color reproduction, with better viewing angles, and “very good to excellent” ratings in all of the DisplayMate lab test and measurement categories. Considering Samsung’s phone is brand new, the Pixel 2 XL must prove it’s still worth your money.

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Samsung Galaxy S9’s Camera beats Google Pixel 2 with Record DxOMark Score
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