Razer Introduces Android Phone for Gamers

November 03 05:58 2017

In the fragmented world of Android development, that can only be a good thing. Do let us know in the comments section below. Razer has endowed its smartphone with a powerful display, which outdoes all other smartphone displays.

The new Razer Phone was launched yesterday (1 November) in London, and its focus on gaming means it has quite a notable list of specs. Otherwise, in the portrait mode, the bezels may look out of place if we were to compare it with other revolutionary smartphones.

Design to die for?

Razer – gaming company- unveils the first smartphone, Razer Phone.

The company acquired smartphone manufacturer Nextbit earlier this year, and it’s that tech which has underpinned this handset.

The Razer Phone has its own unique settings that allow users to choose their max framerate. Made with a sturdy metal, it has a matte black finish around the front and back of the phone – as well as, of course, the brand’s logo. And that’s that. No fancy curved glass, or shiny HTC U11 like acrylic colour-changing back. Meanwhile in Three stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, at Razer Store in San Francisco, and online in the US and Canada via Razerzone.com there will be a limited edition (1,337) iconic green triple-headed snake logo-emblazoned Razer Phones up for sale.

Check out the phone specs and features straight from the press release. This also doubles up into making it rival, and at times even beat, top-of-the-line flagship smartphones.

Besides, the RAM is equally supported by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

As for the audio part, well Razer is following trends right now and have ditched the 3.5mm audio jack in favour of a THX-certified USB-C audio adapter. Razer’s offering excels here too.

The phone itself features a 5.74 inch, as well as a smartphone first: a 120hz display. That refresh rate is double what you’ll find on pretty much all the competition in the mobile space (apart from the iPad Pro) and should make for a pretty wonderful gaming experience.

The phone is created to run on Android games on Google Play store.

Not only will this high refresh rate improve the look and playability of games (reducing lag), it’ll also have an positive impact on scrolling through websites and social media.

Well, that’s the million dollar question and we will have to wait to get an answer.

“When Razer first approached me I was cautiously interested, but mostly cautious”.

Instead the pricing is as follows: $700 in the United States, €750 in Europe and £700 in the UK. The mobile device might also come with Microsoft services and apps pre-installed to provide the best ever experience.

Razer’s already started to play its part here.

The company has certainly not disregarded the fact that it needs to re-create a PC-like gaming experience on a smartphone.

The company says the performance of the Razer Phone will also help extend its battery life, as will its large 4,000mAh battery pack.

Razor launches its first Android smartphone for gamers

Razer Introduces Android Phone for Gamers
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