Pokemon Stars To Be First Pokemon Game On Console?

June 16 23:00 2017

Let’s look at the positives first: Nintendo had a good showing at E3. I’m just telling you. I’m all for a cheaper, smaller solution that makes the Switch even more portable.

Just porting games, however, is not enough, with Reggie citing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as an example. As soon as the expo’s doors opened on noon Tuesday, gamers from all over the the USA rushed to Nintendo’s booth to play Super Mario Odyssey.

Ultimately, the company wants as many games on as many consoles as possible. There’s also no indication that Nintendo plans to release a smaller version of its dock to improve the Switch’s portability, but Nyko will.

“I think two of the results of that are perhaps that this is a more welcoming fighting game”, he said.

Nintendo has not unveiled their solution yet for Voice Chat on the Nintendo Switch. This contradicts the rumors that we’ve been hearing for weeks now that a mainline Pokemon game would be released for the Nintendo Switch sooner, rather than later. As usual, there are a ton of games to get excited about.

Rumours about Game Freak working on a new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch has started a few months ago and now, Nintendo confirm that Game Freak is indeed working on a Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch. It’s also a factor in why the 3DS continued to be supported this year. This is something Nintendo have knowingly been lacking for a while.

Nintendo is counting on Mario, Link and its other heroes to protect the Switch from suffering the same fate as its predecessor. And we’ll go back to Reggie in the future and see if Nintendo can deliver on some of the things he wasn’t able to answer about yet. In December, Nintendo reported overall Wii U sales of 13.56 million, a drop in the bucket compared to what the Wii achieved. “But they’ll always take it with them”. This year at E3, this doesn’t appear that is the case. Its first title was launched in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. One of the biggest complaints about the Switch and its online capabilities is that it does not supporting saving games to the cloud, even though that is a feature of the 3DS. Outside of the already announced Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim port, the upcoming Federation Internationale de Football Association title, and the Mario/ Rabbids game, third-party offerings are floundering.

However, Nintendo did not confirm whether the game will be released this year. I want to participate.

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Pokemon Stars To Be First Pokemon Game On Console?
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