Pixel 3a camera vs 3: Identical hardware

May 08 14:23 2019

With all the news coming out of Google I/O, you may have missed the time-lapse camera mode that’s come to all Pixel phones.

In his keynote this morning at the company’s annual developer conference Google I/O 2019, CEO Sundar Pichai listed recent tech advances and stressed “We continue to believe that the biggest breakthroughs happen at the intersection of AI”.

Driving mode would launch on Assistant once the user connects their phone to the car’s Bluetooth.

Google executives said a lot of the right things on the data privacy front Tuesday, though “proof is always in the pudding, so we’ll see how it plays out over the next year”, McMahon told CRN.

The Pixel 3a has a 5.6-inch 1080p OLED, and the XL is 6-inches, also 1080p.

One of the most notable features about the Pixel 3a is the fact it touts the same rear sensor as the standard Pixel 3.

Technology analysts said the mid-price range smartphone, which had been rumored for weeks, makes Google a more serious contender in the industry. For those interested in the Pixel 3a XL, something else is noticeably missing – the notch!

Earlier Pixel devices have drawn strong user reviews for camera features and artificial intelligence capabilities that beat those in phones from Samsung and other manufacturers using Google’s Android mobile operating system.

While they are decided downgrades from the flagships when it comes to a number of features (and materials), in terms of the all-important cameras these are still cutting-edge phones that blow away everything else at their price points. Some features of the Google Pixel 3a cameras include HDR+, Night Sight, Panorama, Top Shot, and Super Res Zoom.

The 3a has a 3,000mAh battery, with the 3a XL boasting a larger 3,700mAh that Google is claiming can get 7 hours of battery life from 15 minutes of chaarging, and up to 30 hours on a full charge. Google I/O 2019: All the expected announcements It is expected that the third beta of Android Q, the latest OS from Google for smartphones, will be unveiled.

Both phones are available immediately, in which the Pixel 3a will cost $399 and the Pixel 3a XL will cost $479. Google is replacing that with software that processes photos instead. The question that remains, then, is “what do you give up to hit that price point?” Other features of the smartphones haven’t been confirmed by Google yet.

Based on our initial hands-on time with the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, Google could have two winners on its hands.

Available from tomorrow in black, white and purple (well, “Purple-ish” officially), the new Pixels sport a polycarbonate unibody with a two-tone design and Google’s Pixel Imprint fingerprint scanner.

Google's Pixel 3A XL                  Juan Garzon  CNET

Pixel 3a camera vs 3: Identical hardware
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