Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Won’t Be as Big as 360

June 19 03:21 2017

Just like the Elite controllers-they’re not for everybody.

The existence of the $250 Xbox One S was key to letting Microsoft reach for “full 4K” power with the Xbox One X. At least that’s what Microsoft Marketing Manager Albert Penello said in an E3 interview with Ars Technica.

While some of you will probably want to put in an Xbox One X pre-order the second they go live, others might benefit from waiting.

The new Xbox One X console from Microsoft is capable of powering 4K gaming. Players will remain unconvinced that the announced games for the console are not enough for this year. Not just because the hardware is super overpowered-which it is. Past year at E3, the company appeared to indicate that its next console would support virtual reality and, in fact, even hook up to high-end headsets. Notoriously, the Xbox One launched in 2013 with a $500 price tag, and that high price is one of the main reasons why the Xbox One lags so far behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 in adoption.

“First of all”, global sales and marketing boss Jim Ryan told us when we sat down to talk during E3, “I think in many ways this sort of increased presence in the space is a good thing”. The developers in a statement confirmed that they didn’t receive any such notification and they are free to provide the best visual fidelity on every platform. “I think it’s a fundamental design point of Xbox One X to take those engines and make it really easy”. The tech giant touted the update of the Xbox One as the “world’s most powerful console” that features 6 teraflops of graphical power and supports 4K gaming and virtual reality. While the game will run at native 4K on Xbox One X but, it will be locked at 30 FPS. “But we wanted to give the tools, the technology, and the horsepower to do that”.

Current Xbox One console owners will be glad to know that the Xbox One X will be compatible with all of their existing accessories. The One S comes in white variant only, meanwhile, more likely the One X will be available in black only for the time being.

While the likes of the handheld will never see games like ARK launched, it gives a glimpse in how much the Xbox One X can truly on other versions of titles that are going to be hitting the market in the years to come.

Xbox One X

Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Won’t Be as Big as 360
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