Nintendo working on a SNES Mini, will launch it this holiday

April 19 23:01 2017

One of the more widely-heard rumors is that “Nintendo doesn’t have the resources to increase Switch production and make NES Classics at the same time”. Hopefully, the SNES mini will contain a great deal more. Assume you would’ve loved it if you actually got your hands on one? But we can dream. Based on what is rumored about the next mini console by Nintendo. Plus its supposedly better sequel.

Nintendo created a frenzy among vintage video game fans with the NES Classic. It’s something I genuinely hope will happen, especially given that the Super Nintendo wasn’t officially released here in South Africa.

Then, Nintendo suddenly canceled the NES Classic Edition last week. The gaming system is expected to launch around the holidays.

What games would you want to see on a SNES Mini? Playing Mario Kart alone would be a bummer. We don’t know which games Nintendo would choose to include, though. Nintendo may have underestimated just how popular it would turn out to be.

Nintendo always intended the NES mini to be a limited run system. While third-party adapters have filled in this hole on the NES Classic Edition, an official adapter would show that Nintendo cares about its old controllers. It’s these underplayed games that can teach us more about the console and what it’s really capable of, so they’re just as important to the SNES’ history as, say, Yoshi’s Island. And then there’s the wonderful Demon’s Crest.

The NES Classic Edition is an adorably small console – so small it fits in your palm.

Square Enix, Square Enix.

If this news is true, it’s very exciting – it’d be cool as hell to have a NES Classic and SNES Classic sitting right next to each other. Square’s RPGs, including the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger, and The Secret of Mana, set the standard for RPGs for years to come. They’ll buy it anyway, of course.

Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition Globally [Update]

Nintendo working on a SNES Mini, will launch it this holiday
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