Mercedes-AMG Project One Is An Outrageous $2.53 Million Hybrid Hypercar

September 12 10:51 2017

Zetsche said Mercedes is drawing on its experiences and successes from three constructors’ and drivers’ world championships to bring F1 technology to the road for the first time.

The Project One was developed in close cooperation with Mercedes-AMG’s Formula One engineers, and in the interests of longevity the petrol engine’s rev limit was “reduced” to 11 000rpm, which still by far knocks the socks off every other road vehicle.

One of thost motors has been integrated to the engine’s turbocharger, another installed to the (ICE), while two more drive the front wheels – effectively making the Project One four wheel drive. (A 2017 F1 engine can theoretically rev to about 15,000rpm but fuel flow restrictions imposed by the rules mean in practice they never get close to that.) Although we don’t know if the Project ONE engine uses turbulent jet ignition, Mercedes says that the new vehicle has a thermal efficiency of 40 percent.

Sounds easy, right? When you begin to appreciate the complexities of a modern F1 power unit with its 1.6-litre V6, electrically powered turbocharger/generator, hybrid assistance and associated control systems you realise it’s anything but. Go ogle this wonderful supercar in our Mercedes-Benz Project One gallery and ask yourself who will ever drive this in the all-electric mode.

This is the Mercedes-AMG Project One, a new hypercar with staggering levels of technology and performance.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One is actually claimed to be quicker to 200kmph than the, wait for it, Bugatti Chiron and you won’t believe how Mercedes-AMG did it. Obviously, they provide torque vectoring on the front axle.

The mechanical bits? You have pushrod, multi-link suspension bolted directly to the carbon fibre tub that holds the Project One together. Only 275 vehicles will be made, costing $2.7 million each in 2020.

All of this advanced Formula One technology comes at a price. This electrified turbo is called the Motor Generator Unit Heat or MGU-H. It’s totally accurate. We just spoke with Moers at the Frankfurt Motor Show to learn all about its race-car tech.

The high-voltage, lithium-ion battery pack and DC/DC convertor are located in the vehicle floor behind the front axle, with the latter responsible for supporting and charging the 12-volt electrical system. Also, Mercedes has put two separate turbochargers for catering to front wheels, each producing 161hp, thereby creating a virtual four-wheel drive system. More information will surely be presented later this week at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The driver can also nudge the accelerator to move off the line under electric power only. Drive is channeled to the rear wheels via a newly developed hydraulically operated 8-speed automated gearbox with steering wheel shift paddles.

The Project One cab can reach a speed of more than 350 kph (210 mph), Mercedes said.

Inside, the function-first cabin features a Formula 1-inspired steering wheel, a large color display that serves as the instrument cluster, and a secondary display perched atop the center stack.

Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar: 217mph+ top speed and teaser pics

Mercedes-AMG Project One Is An Outrageous $2.53 Million Hybrid Hypercar
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