LG TVs to get Google Assistant and Voice Controls

May 10 23:48 2018

Google I/O 2018 was awaited by everyone and the company proved it rightly so. Adding the ecobee Skill, for example, lets you control your smart thermostat with your voice. You will also be able to convert an old black and white photo into realistic color and edit it accordingly, and also convert your pics into PDFs. Google gave a sneak peek into numerous new features and changes that they have made in their Google Assistant.

It looks like that the new voices are available on all newer devices. “The Google Assistant doesn’t do EVERYTHING”. This approach means Google News understands the people, places and things involved in a story as it evolves, and connects how they relate to one another.

Google aims to help doctors be more efficient and for patients to get better quality of healthcare.

The updated version of news site incorporated the AI feature, which creates customized news feeds as per the user’s interest and makes it simple to subscribe to various publishers.

Google is rolling out the changes to Google Assistant to Android users first, later this summer, followed by iOS later this year.

At the core of it, Duplex is a recurrent neural network that can be trained for highly specialised tasks and it uses Google’s automatic speech recognition technology, so it can interface with the user.

This enables Google Assistant to make reservations for you at a restaurant or appointments at a doctor or any business that might not have an online booking service by placing a phone call for you in the background. However, nobody expected them to live today, and yet they are.

The Google Assitant AI won’t enslave us, but it might help us fix our hair.

Digital well-being features were expanded in Android P. Its beta version was made available for developers Tuesday. After linking your TV to the speaker, you can just speak out the commands to your speaker and your TV will oblige. Google will introduce new features for users to track how much time they spend on the internet and where they go, as well as a new tool called “Be Internet Awesome”, for parents to manage their children’s screen time.

On the concerning side, Google Duplex essentially hid the fact that it wasn’t a real human during the demonstration calls.

Google Maps gets a new tab called “For You“, which shows new businesses in your area, plus recommendations based on what’s trending.

Another incredibly cool feature for the camera software will be Google Lens, which will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Another shopping feature will allow you to point your camera at an item and get its prices and reviews.

I like to think Siri’s apparent lag is because Apple is taking time to make sure security and privacy are integral parts in the platform’s growth.

Will people mind that interaction with their local business just got less personal, even if the automated bot they’re speaking with sounds like mom from your local mom-and-pop?

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LG TVs to get Google Assistant and Voice Controls
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