IPhone X Will Require Developers to Embrace the Notch, Apple Says

September 22 15:06 2017

The new iOS 11 came with some major and noticeable improvements to allow the iPhone and iPad users to enjoy it extensively.

For years it has been a doodle to switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them.

Take a long, hard look at all the features of iOS 11 and decide if the features you’re the most excited for are worth upgrading for the device you have.

Users can still fully disable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it just can’t be done through the Control Center. This will also help with the accessories like Apple pencil, Airdrop and Airplay to work all the time without being interrupted. The Verge reports that when you tap on those icons to disconnect from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings don’t actually turn off their respective radios even though you are disconnected from a specific wireless network or Bluetooth device.

Wi-Fi returns when a user walks or drives to a new location and a new network is identified. If no Bluetooth is available, the phone uses other sources such as nearby Wi-Fi and the accelerometer to try to determine if a user is in the vehicle.

Siri gets a few new features under iOS 11, including the ability to translate phrases into Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish. If you do that, they’ll turn off entirely and won’t turn back on – though Apple says you shouldn’t do that if you want “the best experience on your iOS device“. If you’re affected by this issue with Apple’s native Mail app, we recommend using the mobile web or Microsoft’s excellent Outlook iOS app as a workaround.

If you have any older apps installed that haven’t been updated in a while, be warned that they may not work after installing iOS 11, as it drops support for 32-bit apps. According to official documentation, users who turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features of an iOS 11 device will only disconnect the iPhone or iPad from connections using them.

The upcoming iOS 11 update means you’ll never have to remember your app password again.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both turned off but not really.

Screengrab via Christina Bonnington

IPhone X Will Require Developers to Embrace the Notch, Apple Says
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