Huawei breaks price ceiling with $2600 folding 5G smartphone

February 25 23:00 2019

Not to be outdone by rival Samsung, Huawei unveiled their own foldable smartphone at MWC19.

The world’s largest handset maker Samsung was the first to announce a 5G mobile phone – a variant of its flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone – last week, but did not reveal the pricing or availability. On close inspection, there is a button that is pressed to “pop” the screens apart when they are in phone mode, then the phone can be folded apart and made into a tablet.

The Mate X is also the “world’s slimmest” foldable phone, Huawei says.

We’ve only just started seeing foldable smartphones pick up pace, but already they’re starting to look similar.

The announcement of two major flexible-screen smartphones is expected to dominate the MWC tech trade show.

The Huawei Mate X has an 8-inch OLED display when it’s unfolded. This means that when the phone is folded, you can use the main camera setup for selfies. The Mate X has a large 8-inch screen with a resolution of 2480 x 2200 pixels and an 8:7.1 aspect ratio when unfolded with pretty thin bezels and no notch or “cliff” like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The HUAWEI Mate X’s dual SIM feature supports both 4G and 5G. I don’t know what you’d use the smaller back screen for outside of snapping a selfie, but I guess it’s nice to have the option. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, you can only run 2 apps side-by-side at a time on the Mate X, which isn’t too bad but the Galaxy Fold’s ability to run three apps at a time is going to be really useful.

Besides the larger displays, the Mate X also sports a “grip bar”.

The Huawei Mate X launches in Q2 this year for €2,299. TCL followed Huawei by showing off some of its foldable prototypes that are coming in 2020, and now OPPO threw in its competitor into the ring, not fully, but… it gave us a glimpse of what’s coming.

Apart from being foldable, the Huawei Mate X is also 5G-ready thanks to the company’s Balong 5000 modem, and it fueled by the Kirin 980. Samsung stated it expects to launch the Galaxy Fold on April 26. Huawei seems to have put a lot of thought into designing the device. So, the Mate X is so far the best foldable smartphone we’ve seen and will be fully available before the dawn of 2019. But it’s also more functional-it’s a mini tablet and smartphone in one.

Huawei Mate X: First Look

Huawei breaks price ceiling with $2600 folding 5G smartphone
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