Growing reactions against USA for withdrawing from nuclear deal

May 13 01:43 2018

With everything President Donald Trump has said about the nuclear deal with Iran, from his earliest days as candidate to the White House, his decision this week to end United States participation should come as no surprise.

Trump’s action will destabilize the Iranian government of President Hassan Rouhani, to the benefit of the implacably anti-Western Revolutionary Guard, which is far more likely to restart the nukes program and step up confrontation with Israel, using proxies in Syria and Lebanon.

“I would advise Iran not to start their nuclear programme”, Trump told reporters at the start of a Cabinet meeting when asked about the potential consequences. On Wednesday, as tensions over President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal increased, Brent saw its price rise 3%.

US plans to impose new sanctions against Iran, which produces around 4% of global oil supplies, after abandoning an agreement reached in late 2015 which limited Tehran’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for removing US-Europe sanctions.

Trudeau said he regrets President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the 2015 agreement that was negotiated by the world’s major powers.

“Who knows?” he said of the possibility of a new deal with Tehran, “because we’re putting the harshest, strongest, most stringent sanctions on Iran”.

As the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday, Iran needs firm assurances from the European countries to keep abiding by the pact.

Trump has seen the opportunity that his victory created, and he has pressed home the advantage by supporting Iranian protesters against the regime.

“Iran’s behavior across the spectrum concerns me every day”, Peek said.

He said: “Europe, and in particular the five countries negotiating with Iran, should clearly define their actions and stances to compensate for the withdrawal of the United States in the short time that is left”. You know, Russian Federation is part of this agreement, Russian Federation and China and Europe and the United States.

But a year after taking office – after the 11 other members signaled they would press ahead with or without Washington – Trump struck a different tone, suggesting he would be open to joining again if the United States won unspecified changes.

As a result, Trump accomplished what no other USA president could in the 65-year history of this North-South stalemate – bring the North Korean leader to the negotiating table.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday that Russia will maintain close coordination on nuclear issues with Iran despite the U.S.’s decision.

Several European leaders voiced disappointment over the USA decision on Tuesday, while close allies to Trump, such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, cheered on the decision.

Iran has denied ever pursuing nuclear arms.

According to the spokesperson, May and Trump were looking forward to Trump’s visit to Britain in July.

Trump just opened the door for Iran to expand its nuclear capabilities

Growing reactions against USA for withdrawing from nuclear deal
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