Green Initiatives to Consider for your Business’ Logistics

November 18 07:30 2017

Logistics can play a key part in the success of a variety of different types of businesses. Whether it’s sourcing important materials or products for you to then sell, moving items in order to provide a service for a client, or simply ordering in goods, having a working delivery system, or supply chain can be essential.

That being said, it can also leave quite a notable carbon footprint behind – particularly if your business works on an international level, or you’re regularly moving consignments using older machinery or vehicles. This can in turn be quite damaging for your reputation and could see potential customers heading to companies with better, proven, green credentials.

So, what can you do to avoid such circumstances? Here are a few green initiatives to consider:

More Effective Deliveries
Firstly, you could always outsource your deliveries to an external provider. There are companies available who have more effective and therefore efficient delivery networks that can limit the amount of transit time and therefore the amount of emissions per package. An added bonus here is you can free you and your teams up a bit more by leaving this to someone else to manage.

Modernised Systems
On the subject of making things more effective, if you’re operating old or outdated systems or machines for the production of your items, the chances are they’ll be using up a lot of excess power. If you can, get these upgraded or purchase newer models which run in a more productive and cost-effective way.

Reducing your Amount of Packaging
Reams of plastic wrapping or packaging aren’t the most eco-conscious of choices, so if you can reduce this or at least limit yourself to the amount you are using. Failing that, look at other means of packing and securing your goods using biodegradable materials.

Go Electric
If you want to keep your logistics in-house, then you could upgrade your existing delivery or supply fleet to electric vehicles. These are becoming more and more sophisticated, reliable and are of course much greener. This could also be a smart move with the recent announcement that diesel and petrol cars are to be phased out by 2040.

Obviously, the steps you take can depend on your budget, but ultimately the way to treat such an investment is as one into the future of your business. After all, you don’t want to let an apparent lack of eco-friendliness stop you from supplying potential new customers with a quality service. So, make a few changes now and go greener with your business’ logstics.

Green Initiatives to Consider for your Business’ Logistics
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