Google launches Nest Hub Max with larger screen, video chat

May 10 00:41 2019

Google is launching a new smart home gadget called the Google Nest Hub Max to let consumers control connected devices in their homes. As a hardcore YouTube TV user, Nest Hub Max would make an excellent television too. This is where you need to be if you want to add the Google Nest Hub to a Home Group (for multi-room audio), or if you want to configure things like Downtime. It allowed third-party apps and hardware devices to connect to its Nest products, including its smart thermostats, cameras and more.

Following Control4’s confirmation that it will be fully embracing the new Works With Google Assistant program after the shuttering of Works With Nest, Crestron has also confirmed that it plans on keeping integration with Nest devices. Onboard software uses virtual zoom to keep people in frame, all without moving the camera or the Nest Hub Max. We already have a paid Google Play Music subscription, so this was pre-selected.

As for the release date, Google announced on-stage that the Nest Hub Max will be available starting this summer (sometime between June and August) on the Google Store and retailers. The Google Home Hub also comes with a feature called Google Voice Match that helps the device to detect a voice and can then switch to a personalised profile for the registered users with their voice.

The goal here is to simplify your experience when using Google and Nest products, giving you just one account to manage rather than two. Google: “control is not privacy”, along with the Hashtag “Save local news”.

The news represents the next logical step after Nest was brought into the fold of Google Home devices, alongside Google Home and Chromecast, after previously acting as an independent subsidiary of Alphabet. Of course you get all the benefits of Google Assistant as well. Android Q, as the new operating system is now known, will also let users restrict apps’ access to location more generally – for instance, by only allowing apps now in use to gather the data.

The new product also has a Face Match feature to show relevant information, like calendar appointments, to the person looking at it.

A green light on the front of the Hub Max indicates when the camera is streaming, and nothing is streamed or recorded unless you explicitly enable it.

Google says more than 7,000 programmers will probably attend. On the contrary, it will include a Nest Camera that will give users the same functionalities located in Nest Cameras and Hello Doorbell. For example, as part of the Grand Google Consolidation, current Nest users will be able to migrate their accounts to Google accounts in the coming months.

I had a chance to see the Nest Hub Max in action at Google I/O 2019.

Google Nest Hub Max

Google launches Nest Hub Max with larger screen, video chat
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