Facebook boss reveals changes in response to criticism

May 03 06:55 2019

“Look, I expect that a great deal of individuals aren’t convinced that we’re seriously interested in this”, he said to laughter from the crowd. “I am committed to doing this well”. People will be able to use their first name to set up a dating profile on the platform, but it won’t be visible to friends and will not show up in News Feeds. This will include a new Events tab launching this summer. The platform is also adding a feature called Make New Friends to connect users interested in meeting new people. For example, Groups focused on jobs will have templates for employers to post openings and gaming Groups will get live chats.

Facebook is also making some other changes.

The end result is a platform with more emphasis on private groups and visual stories, and less on the News Feed where abusive content and polarization took root in recent years. Say goodbye to blue too – Facebook is going to frame the Facebook experience mostly in white instead of its typical dark blue hue.

Reports have revealed how Facebook tracked users, gave some third-party apps special privileges with regard to user data, collected call record data and contacts of Android users, and generally played fast and loose with user privacy. If your crush adds you to their Secret Crush list, it’s a match! It makes a lot of sense as a lot of dating apps already have the option to tap into your Facebook account for networking purposes. According to the company, the desktop app will roll out sometime this year. Messenger will also be getting new stuff, with a native desktop app coming soon as well as the long-rumored integration of the company’s three messaging apps, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram messages. The Messenger app is also coming to desktop later this year with a stand-alone app and will allow for group video calls and in-app multitasking. “We’re excited to see all the ways developers, creators and entrepreneurs use these tools as we continue to build more private ways for people to communicate”, said Facebook.

“People’s communication styles are migrating toward messaging way faster than anyone thought”, said Stan Chudnovsky, head of Messenger.

Plans to have Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Messages are still pushing through, despite early objections to it. The company did not announce a launch date for the feature. A dedicated Messenger client could keep them inside Facebook’s service ecosystem for hours a day. The feature works with a simple tap on the post after which users can buy the product (s) directly from the app.

For businesses, the company rolled out product catalogs, allowing customers to view a list of products within the chat. A screenshot was leaked online not quite a year ago that pointed to such an offering. The company said this happens to be an anti-bullying feature that the company introduced and which users can initiate when they feel vulnerable, like say when switching schools or going through a break-up and such. The number will not appear at the bottom of every article, although users will be able to realize how many likes their photographs get.

Facebook gives first look at its promised overhaul

Facebook boss reveals changes in response to criticism
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