Exercise & Keep Fit on a Gadget

January 05 06:50 2018

Exercising on a budget can limit your possibilities in many ways, but it can also guide you to the perfect gadget within the set price range. Nowadays, there is a smart gadget for practically anything you can think of, and all of them are intended to make your everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

Fitness trackers are the latest gadget-y invention that has helped people get in shape and battle overweight conditions. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and sets of features that will likely make you think that the next release is bound to project a holograph of your daily meal plan or will let you check out NetBet during your break.

While we are still some time away from meeting these expectations, the following gadgets have managed to dominate their market share and help achieve actual results.


  1. Fitbit Alta HR

This fitness tracker has retained the characteristic high-quality OLED touchscreen, but has some features which make it more attractive than its predecessor, Fitbit Alta. Namely, the HR has replaceable wristbands for greater creative freedom and allows users to track heart rate activity for a continuous period of time.

Aside from keeping track of your physical activities, the Fitbit Alta HR also keeps track of your passive state. It is able to identify and monitor your sleep patterns, all without giving you the sensation of having something extra on your wrist.


  1. Garmin vívoactive 3 Smartwatch

The screen on this Garmin watch is much bigger than the usual fitness tracker dimensions, mainly due to the fact that the vívoactive 3 is a fully equipped smartwatch. In regards to tracking your exercise process, the Garmin vívoactive allows GPS and full body monitoring, while additional functionalities include smartwatch notifications, full app use and even online mobile payments through the suitable methods.


  1. Polar V800 Fitness Watch

Contrary to Garmin’s universal application possibilities, the Polar V800 is rather focused on keeping things within fitness. It may not allow you to pay your bills or make a reservation, but it does provide all there is to improve your exercise routine and thus, results.

Having been created for various purposes, it is understandable that this fitness tracker would differ from the previous one. Its GPS tracking capability is a common feature, but this watch is truly sport-dedicated. It has multiple sport type profiles, a waterproof body for swimming purposes and a robust yet durable construction to keep it intact under extreme conditions.


  1. Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatch

While this smartwatch could be defined as a hybrid, there is much weight in the name of the brand to keep interested customers from getting the wrong idea about this stylish fitness tracking solution. As a smartwatch, it connects to your phone through an app in order to keep all your activities synced on both locations, and can do it for up to six months without a battery recharge. Ultimately, apart from functionality, the Armani Hybrid offers several outfit possibilities.

Exercise & Keep Fit on a Gadget
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