Democrats Endorse Single-Payer Health Plan

September 13 06:07 2017

That trend, however, may be entering a new phase.

“This is about understanding, again, that healthcare should be a right, not a privilege”.

Speaking to Vox’s Ezra Klein, Clinton said she faced the challenges of healthcare policy in the 1990s, and pointed out ways that single-payer could backfire on Sanders and other progressives. Kamala Harris of California, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kristin Gillibrand of NY and Al Franken of Minnesota.

In the book, Clinton takes some responsibility for the loss, but does spend some time explaining the factors she felt were against her, namely sexism, Russian meddling in favor of Trump (and the subsequent WikiLeaks releases) and the Comey letter. Richard Blumenthal of CT and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, joining a number of others.

Sanders is expected to roll out his proposal for single-payer as early as Wednesday.

“For Bernie, policy was about inspiring a mass movement and forcing a conversation about the Democratic Party’s values and priorities – by that standard, I would say he succeeded”, she continues. Three other potential Democratic candidates, Sens. The answer is yes, it can – but it’s complicated. Even if the public supported single-payer, there isn’t any practical way to pay for it. If the Democrats finally wrenched back power they may find themselves factionalized and hindered over the details. “In no way are we scrapping it, we are building on it”, Blumenthal told reporters. “A hardworking single mother in New Mexico deserves the same quality health care for herself and her family as a multimillionaire CEO”.

I started out by saying everything is on the table, but I did make an exception and that was single-payer. If this conversation is any indication, it’s pretty safe to say that we can expect a far less guarded version of Hillary Clinton from here on out. It would essentially expand Medicare to cover all Americans.

Public polls have showed an increase in support for the concept of a single-payer health care program. Namely, single-payer is already popular with the Democratic rank and file. Patient queuing isn’t a disaster if people who really need treatment get priority, as is the case in the better-run single-payer systems.

“Look at what happened in Vermont: it wasn’t for lack of trying in Vermont”, Clinton said. Clearly this didn’t sit well with the former Secretary of State, who went on to note that his actions didn’t come as a surprise because “he’s not a Democrat”.

Still, the effort indicates the Democratic party may be moving left on health care.

Idelson added, “Democrats have been recognizing that they lost the last election, because they failed to speak to issues that affect people’s daily lives”. And it establishes a clear contrast with the status quo. The notion of a universal cure-all is a myth, whether it comes to improving your health or improving America’s health-care system. Every American should be able to see a doctor when they’re sick. But achieving it is going to require all the skill and persistence they can muster.

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Democrats Endorse Single-Payer Health Plan
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