Control center in iOS 11 has a major flaw!

September 21 15:25 2017

Since, the update is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you are free to install the update on any of your compatible iOS devices.

Apple released its new operating system for iPhone and iPhone yesterday.

Apple’s new iOS 11 packs a variety of new capabilities and features under the hood. Many businesses rely on Exchange and Office 365 for email. So here are some tips and tricks that everyone should know. While it adds a great deal more capability to the Control Center, it also changes how Bluetooth and Wi-Fi work when enabled or disabled, but only directly from this panel. The bottom part is where the customizable options are. The steps that to follow is Settings Control Center and Customise Controls.

Siri has gotten a new voice in iOS 11 and it sounds more natural and less robotic.

From the Settings pane, you can choose “Control Center” and decide whether you want to add or remove controls. With a three second countdown, the device starts recording and saves the movie file in the photos app. The Screen Recording button should now be on your Control Centre. And yes, it will take advantage of your microphone on the device.

Andrea Barisani, a security researcher and one of the first people to notice this change, said in a Twitter direct message that the new user interface is not obvious at all and makes the user experience more “uncomfortable”. Now the iPhones cameras will support QR scanning while clicking snaps. Those include different things from all around the phone, from switching to the camera to using it as a remote for your house or Apple TV. Doing this a pop-up notification will come.

If you are eager to update your iOS device with this iOS 10.3.3, it will take about 10 minutes to complete the entire downloading and installing process. Instead, you now have access to preview image that pops up in the lower left allowing you to edit, save or delete the screenshot. The app icons won’t disappear from your home screen, but if you try to open the app, the iOS will ask you to download the app again from the App Store.

Do Not Disturb While Driving is dubbed as the life-saving feature. We will walk you through certain tips that will (hopefully) get you back in business.

In case of an emergency, you need to press the sleep/wake button five times to activate Emergency Mode.

The main controls for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on Apple’s newly launched iOS 11 software can not actually be used to turn those features off.

It means even when you turn the features off in your control centre, Location Services, AirDrop, Instant Hotspot and AirPlay will continue to function.

To actually turn off Bluetooth and wifi users will need to head into the Settings app and manually turn them off, which deactivates them until 5am the next morning, or use Airplane mode.

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Control center in iOS 11 has a major flaw!
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