Captain Marvel: The Superhero We Need Right Now

March 05 23:09 2019

A Marvel Cinematic Universe tentpole with a bit of “Top Gun” sprinkled in, “Captain Marvel” is famously the first Marvel Comics film centered on a female character.

For clarification, Captain Marvel would still be an above average, fairly worthwhile entry into the extended universe without that climactic demonstration of planet-saving destruction, but numerous plot beats here are familiar and predictable. So we have that to look forward to.

How powerful is Captain Marvel?

Weirdest thing is this stew is the arrival of Marvel stalwart Nick Fury, with Samuel L. Jackson now eerily de-aged by about 25 years, and it’s kinda creepy to see.

In another interview in February, Larson told Entertainment Tonight that she pressured the studio to make “Captain Marvel” a “big feminist movie“. Oddly you are never quite sure where you are in this film – whether it is otherworldly intergalactic encounters like that or back on Earth circa 1995, where Vers crash-lands into a Blockbuster store and confronts a lone security guard to ask where she can find the necessary equipment needed for her mission. The Avengers: Infinity War post credit scene connects to her link with the Avengers. But because Captain Marvel’s own life is The Big Mystery, we don’t get to know these two and their friendship as well as I’d have liked. A trained soldier, Vers follows her crew-Yon-Rogg, Minn-Erva (Gemma Chan), Korath (Djimon Hounsou), Bron-Char (Rune Temte) and Att-Lass (Algenis Perez Soto)-into battle with the chameleon-like Skrulls, and ultimately ends up landing on Earth in the mid-1990s. All Hail a new heroine who can kicks as much ass, if not more, than any of her male counterparts. We only have an idea of who survived The Snap but so many more are out there. You’ll completely forget that this isn’t how Samuel L. Jackson looks in 2019.

Captain Marvel is acceptably entertaining, and already it has gotten the kind of inadvertent advance marketing a studio-in this case, Disney-can only hope for. (She’s haunted by memories of Annette Bening, as all the best humans are.) So the main character doesn’t know who she is, and the movie around her has a similar problem. Please go in knowing that, especially if you’ve been underwhelmed by them.

I was frustrated that there were basically no women in the movie with real roles once they leave Themyscira. In the film, the cat has the same appearance, but is named Goose instead. Only later do we learn who she really was, and how she got to the planet, ruled or, rather, advised, by the Supreme Intelligence.

“My consideration for doing it had nothing to do with my capabilities for playing the role, or whether or not I thought it would be a powerful and handsome and important film”. Plus, when you’re used to the most recent Marvel films, where we already know each character and can see them shine nearly immediately, and Captain Marvel’s “big moment” takes far too long to arrive. The most interesting aspect about Ms. Marvel was that she was a split personality; Carol didn’t know she existed, and vice versa, because she would blackout before transforming into the titular hero. Her scenes with Jackson are the best in the film, they have a great chemistry that at times gives the film a buddy-cop atmosphere. – Kelly Sue DeConnick, Captain Marvel comic book writer.

THR dug at the film a bit more, going as far as to say it’s the worst of the MCU films, and stating that the movie doesn’t do for women what Black Panther did for black representation.

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Captain Marvel: The Superhero We Need Right Now
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