Captain Marvel Post-Credit Scenes Explained

March 08 16:28 2019

Warning: full spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead!

In a key moment, Captain Marvel’s shadow will fall across the face of one of her worst enemies as he literally cowers in the sand at her feet. “We’ve got to do better'”. In the comics, Captain Marvel uses his body to shield Carol from an explosion. Without further ado, here’s what happens in the end credits of Captain Marvel – and what it might mean for Avengers: Endgame and more. Now, the pager is blinking in a laboratory setup.

“This is a nightmare”, Cap says. There are strong rumours of a sequel in the works and also murmurs of a Black Widow film. The signal Fury sent on the pager has now stopped, and the gang of heroes doesn’t know what to do.

Don’t worry, we’ll know if the movie isn’t good.

. Due to a major plot reveal, I can not go into full detail of the scene, but you’ll know it when you see it. “I want to know who’s on the other end of that thing”. Larson’s character, who has not yet become Captain Marvel, wakes from this memory in the form of a dream, but her real life is even stranger.

But the weirdest part is, later at dinner, Fury gets asked about his eye and he’s like, yeah it’s fine. If Carol Danvers had pulled out a Tamagotchi, I may have died. Kelly Sue DeConnick, who wrote Captain Marvel from 2012-2013, sums up Carol perfectly in this quote from an interview with Polygon: “Carol falls down all the time, but she always gets back up-we say that about Captain America as well, but Captain America gets back up because it’s the right thing to do”. That’s the power of one Brie Larson. The Tesseract is given to Thor for safekeeping at the end of The Avengers, but Loki steals it at the end of Thor: Ragnarok and then forks it over to Thanos (under duress) at the beginning of Infinity War. With the phrase “Girl Power” being thrown around there may be some women (and men) curious to take in a Marvel film at this 11th hour. Will the Avengers realize they have lightspeed travel from Carol or (potential) time travel from Scott on their side first? And as if that weren’t enough to be getting on with, Vers learns how she acquired her name – it derives from Carol Danvers, the U.S. Air Force pilot she used to be before she absorbed other-worldly superpowers in an accident and was adopted by the Kree. According to Marvel, the Stone “allows its user to exist in any location, move throughout different realities, warp or rearrange space [and] teleport across planes regardless of the laws of physics or magical barriers”. Maybe it’s the ’90s kid in me that absolutely loved Captain Marvel, but there was something that just took me back to growing up.

The directors, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, have made terrific small films, including Half Nelson, with Ryan Gosling, and Mississippi Grind, a gambling buddy-movie with Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds.

Goose is a flerken who looks like a cat. Also, in the after credit scene, Captain America is still sporting his bearded look from “Infinity War“, meaning it probably occurs shortly after the events of that movie. It releases on April 26. Even though this is just the first 30 minutes of the movie, I think from the poster near the ticket booth where we purchased our tickets that it is quite clear that the answer is Captain Marvel.

In the second scene, Goose – who has now been established as a Flerken and not a domesticated house cat – is on Fury’s desk.

Marvel Contest of Champions- Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Post-Credit Scenes Explained
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