Bump stocks under scrutiny after Vegas shooting

October 07 12:23 2017

America is home to approximately 300 million firearms.

In an unusual bid to cast a wider net for additional tips, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and police have arranged with communications company Clear Channel to post billboards around Las Vegas urging members of the public to come forward with any information they believe might help investigators. October 6, 2017: It seems Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called his boss President Trump a “moron” recently and I was very tempted to make that very entertaining insight the subject of this episode – except I have something more important.

The secret to its power is that supporters vote on one issue – gun rights – while opponents are not almost so focused. That’s why there’s such a thing as the “Dickey Amendment”, which has prevented the Centers for Disease Control from even studying gun violence for fear of losing funding. Perhaps it is justified to reduce the odds of a random shooter killing random people?

Greg would like us to use some art…

Where do bump stops fit in the gun control debate?

I’m guessing you hadn’t either. You can talk about the “success” of gun confiscation in Australia if you like, but it’s not a comparable situation. “This is not one of the items that made it better, it made it worse”.

In 2013, a group of armed men from Open Carry Texas “trapped” four pro-gun control women inside a restaurant in Dallas.

In his think piece on the non-profit website The Intercept, Mr Shaun King wrote of conversations he had with two people, one black and the other Muslim, in the wake of Stephen Paddock’s actions.

The leading bump stock maker, Slide Fire, did not return messages from the Associated seeking comment. It only becomes animated when used by a human being. Now the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history has drawn attention to the devices, which critics say flout federal restrictions on automatic guns, according to the Associated Press. Predicting which mentally ill person will actually go around the bend and kill people isn’t doable.

Paddock killed 59 people with semi-automatic rifles, but he had no criminal record or known mental health issues and he passed a background check easily. Their unconstitutional goal is complete gun confiscation, something which would likely lead to mass violence against the people carrying it out along with the prominent people and government officials advocating it.

Carson said that “few black people would survive very long” if they conducted similar protests in situations where they were likely to be confronted by police.

Many point to laws passed in the turbulent 1960s, when Black nationalist groups took up arms to defend their communities, as examples of racist implementation.

Rep. Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat who once held an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association and reaped thousands of dollars in donations from the group, donated a matching sum this week to three prominent gun-control organizations. The NRA needs to spend money to help rational people understand why irrational people should or should not be allowed to own guns. We can limit the number of guns one can own, or the amount of ammunition one can possess. The GOP under President Trump is apparently prepared to backslide to more restrictive gun control than the Obama administration, at the behest of the NRA. Nor does the NRA’s defense of the order. Of course we should, with the understanding there is no absolute legislative solution.

The NRA is widely regarded as a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. That is not the issue.

Make no mistake – this is a red herring, playing right into the hands of those who seek an open door to more federal regulations on firearms and accessories.

Paddock also obtained at least a dozen “bump stocks” to increase the rate of fire of semiautomatic weapons he purchased to make them into virtual automatic weapons, but it’s unclear where he purchased them. Good for them, but why? A new round of restrictions on other features, like Senator Feinstein’s 1994 gun ban? And conservatives can not be afraid of that debate.

Clark Aposhian chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council attaches a little-known device called a'bump stock to a semi-automatic rifle at the Gun Vault store and shooting range Wednesday Oct. 4 2017 in South Jordan Utah. Las Vegas shooter Stephe

Bump stocks under scrutiny after Vegas shooting
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