Bronx Columbus Day Parade marches with mayor not invited

October 09 11:49 2017

“The temper of the times was pretty different”, he recalled.

The almost 70-foot granite column and statue of Christopher Columbus in NY is part of a heated debate.

The statue of Columbus in front of Union Station in Washington.

Most banks and federal offices, including post offices, are closed Monday in honor of the Italian explorer who more than five centuries ago forged a link between Europe and what is now the Americas. Columbus imagined the Indians as “a people to be delivered and converted to our holy faith rather by love than by force”.

“We look at the Blue Ridge Mountains, we see them every day – to us, those are our grandmothers”. He didn’t seem to arrive with ideas of genocide, Lane said, but massive death stemmed from his encounter.

The Chicago World’s Fair, which opened in the summer of 1893, was meant to commemorate Columbus’s “discovery” of the new world.

Park District crews were cleaning up the spray paint Saturday morning and said they could not make out what the graffiti said, calling it “gibberish”. However, “one tumbled off his bike and was held by the witness until Monroe District police officers got there and placed the 30-year-old under arrest, police said”.

“By that logic, it was wrong to have taken down the “White Only” signs over water fountains and restrooms all over the South”.

But there’s no doubt that Columbus’ voyages “had an undeniable historical impact, sparking the great age of Atlantic exploration, trade and eventually colonization by Europeans”, Perry wrote. For decades, college campuses have been a prime venue for organizing against Columbus Day.

Guy Jones, president of the Miami Valley for Native Americans, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that because of the defeat, Native Americans again are left out.

Berkeley, Calif., and South Dakota became the first city and state, respectively, to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day in the 1990s. But they also brought draft animals, the concept of zero, written language, and the wheel, strangely found on toys but nowhere else in the pre-Columbian Americas.

“Revisionism happens when we find new information or ask new questions, when you come up with a different narrative”.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set out to make the impossibly long journey by sea west from Spain to India.

Defenders of the memorials have promised “a fight like never before” against any move to take Columbus down. “Here there are so many of these slaves.although they are living things they are as good as gold”.

Speakers at Sunday’s gathering encouraged attendees to spread the word about Indigenous Peoples Day and its importance.

“You still have to deal with Columbus“, he said.

Antifa factions nationwide plan to deface and destroy statues of Christopher Columbus on Monday, the day Americans nationwide will celebrate the Italian navigator who was the first European explorer to discover the Americas. However, as the growing Indigenous liberation movement has emphasized, reconciliation and healing can not take place until the U.S. stops celebrating Indigenous genocide. But he has also tossed it in with NY monuments he has called “symbols of hate” and whose fate he wants reviewed.

Assemblyman Charles Barron D-Brooklyn

Bronx Columbus Day Parade marches with mayor not invited
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