Brie Larson to Star in, Produce Straight-to-Series Drama at Apple

March 06 23:00 2019

Captain Marvel“, on the other hand, made an Oscar victor best known for playing a captive mother take on a role she is 100-percent wrong for while attempting to sell Jude Law to us as an action star like he’s a Louis Vuitton bag on Canal Street.

No one can accuse Captain Marvel, a cerebral jigsaw puzzle of a film about piecing together one’s identity and overall objective in the universe, of being overly emotional. Instead, it relies pretty heavily on the greatest hits of Phase One movies like Iron Man and Thor, digging into the deeply flawed but still wonderfully sympathetic motivations behind Carol’s burning need to uncover the truth.

Vers, when we are first introduced to her is an elite member of the Starforce team, headed by Annette Bening (Thank you Marvel Gods for bringing Bening into the MCU).

Admittedly, she is not well-served by the silly space-opera screenplay (by Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck and Geneva Robertson-Dworet), which can’t decide if Danvers is a haunted sexism survivor or a grinningly detached smart-ss.

After the way that Avengers: Infinity War ended, it’s easy to wonder if anyone is really safe in the Marvel Comics Universe. Captain Marvel, like many MCU movies, sometimes labors under the weight of having to tell its own story while still connecting to the larger, ongoing saga, but it has no issues with justifying its main character: We see in her eyes, from the first second, what’s different about her. But will we see him this spring in Avengers: Endgame? Carol Danvers is as unapologetically brash and bold as a hero could be, even when it gets her into trouble, and it’s oh so satisfying.

Owen Gleiberman at Variety was much more complimentary, finding depth in the story and writing, “It’s closer in spirit to the last Wolverine film – a desperate tale of identity, with Vers honing her powers by working to figure out, along with the audience, who she actually is”.

Captain Marvel marks the first Marvel film with a female as the titular character. She also can fire powerful photon blasts from her palms, a power she is told the Kree gave her and can take away. As Carol’s knowledge of her own backstory grows, her strength and determination to be the hero she realizes is inside emerges.

Larson is one of many A-listers making their way to Apple in the near future. Not yet fully trained by Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) to control the powers that she can not remember how she gained, Vers crashes on a mid-1990s Earth after a violent battle with Skrull leader Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). Only MCU newcomer Lashana Lynch, playing a fellow pilot who is Danvers’ best friend and surrogate family, truly stands out. I love all the female characters so much.

With almost all of the 20+ films, Marvel leans heavily on fun using theme or setting to create amusing situations and scenarios.

Jude Law is her intense and no-nonsense Kree mentor, the kind of guy who has no qualms about teaching a woman how to take a punch in the face and come up swinging.

One supposes it’s a double-edged sword, critically speaking, to make so many choices that don’t feel gender specific in a story that outwardly remains an outlier in terms of the quantity (and quality) of superhero films that are not focused on white men. While all three of these people find themselves muted and hamstrung by the requirements of the Marvel machine, Captain Marvel does make a stellar argument for the three of them coming back together to make a thrilling neo-noir.

Gemma Chan wears iridescent metallic pumps at the “Captain Marvel” premiere in Los Angeles, March 4, 2019. The montage of Brie Larson’s title character falling and getting up through her life forms part of a longer scene of inspiring personal triumph, but it still feels like visual shorthand. This leads to a couple of moments of, “Wait, what just happened?” or, “Why would they believe her?” that could have been avoided with a more carefully paced script, or, in a flawless world, a more thoroughly constructed preamble in another movie altogether.

Samuel L. Jackson

Brie Larson to Star in, Produce Straight-to-Series Drama at Apple
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