Autonomous Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE concept revealed

September 07 12:51 2017

Jaguar will be launching its first all-electric model – called I-Pace – next year, but the team at JLR Classic has already borrowed some of the car’s components to produce the fully-electric E-type Zero. If the Concept Zero takes off, these components will be redesigned to save space (and improve boot room) utilising “family” components from the I-Pace and other forthcoming electric models, much as Jaguar spread the XK powertrain through its range 60 years ago.

The carmaker however has not said when it would end production of petrol and diesel vehicles entirely.

All Jaguar models will have the option of an electric engine by 2020, say JLR. Jaguar was also cagey as to whether existing vehicles would gain electrified models of their own past the 2020 deadline, stating only that it was “likely” to pursue hybrid or EV editions of current SUVs and cars in the future.

Jaguar Land Rover says it’s giving consumers more choice by electrifying all of its future products, and that’s probably fair.

The E-type’s distinctive dashboard has been modernised and fitted with digital instruments that deliver the sort of information about efficiency, range and nearby charging points that drivers of electric cars depend on.

Jaguar have put on a whole event in the United Kingdom dedicated to tech – their inaugural Tech-Fest and they’ve kicked it off with two big bits of news, and I’m not sure which I’m more excited about.

Demand for electric vehicles continues to rise sharply. Dubbed the “Sayer“, after E-Type designer Malcolm Sayer, the device is part of a futuristic vision in which cars will be used interchangeably, with consumers taking personalized steering devices with them.

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the few cars you really can call “Iconic”, and the idea that you would “Sacrifice” and original 1968 E-Type to create an electric E-Type will be seen as sacrilege in some circles.

A slightly Skynet feature is the ‘intelligent steering wheel that will revolutionise the way you live your life.’ Called Sayer, after Malcolm Sayer, who designed the E-Type, it detaches from the auto and ‘lives in your home and becomes your trusted companion.’ Sounds pretty damn creepy, if you ask us. Or – as per Sayer the steering wheel – let you know which roads are good, so that you might, y’know, indulge in a bit of driving yourself.

More forward thinking is the Future-Type concept that envisions the Jaguar of 2040.

Jaguar has unveiled the Future-Type, a space-age concept vehicle that showcases what driverless vehicles might look like in the year 2040. Zero-62mph takes just 5.5 seconds – a second quicker than the ’60s original. “It allows us freedom of design like never before”.

Autonomous Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE concept revealed
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