Apple may offer rebate to users who bought full-price batteries

February 07 12:28 2018

Senator John Thune, a USA republican law maker that leads the Commerce Committee, requested an inquiry into what’s set to happen to customers who purchased replacement batteries at an earlier date for their full price tag.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) last released its quarterly earnings results on Thursday, February 1st.

Under scrutiny and with their backs against the wall Apple, has told a US Senate inquiry that they are now considering to offer a rebate on replacement batteries for iPhones. Apple is also reportedly planning to use iCloud for a single sign-in option on iOS 11.3, but there is no word on whether the feature has made it to the beta update or not. However, as seen in the image above, simply hitting “disable” will stop it.

Two weeks ago, Apple launched the first beta of its iOS 11.3 update, allowing for users to switch off its controversial automatic throttling feature.

Obviously, Apple doesn’t recommend that you disable this management feature and the best solution is to replace the battery which is now offered at a discount.

Otherwise, the letter is a slightly more detailed description of the timeline of events leading up to, during, and after the battery controversy.

X The bank – which has staked its reputation on fixed-income trading and advising on mergers and acquisitions – is in talks with Apple to possibly provide financing to people who want to buy Apple’s products, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Past year in December, Apple conceded that it deliberately slows down iPhones with older batteries to cope up with sudden slowdowns. Apple will now have to ask the Commission to approve the deal, which the European Union regulator could sign off on with or without extra conditions. Ideally, this increased transparency should allow customers to make more informed decisions regarding potential battery replacements or device upgrades.

“The impacts of performance management may be less noticeable on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X“, according to an Apple support document updated on Tuesday.

One of the biggest stories surrounding Apple in recent months has centered on its iPhone throttling. This feature is available on all iPhones released after iPhone 6.

Earlier today, Apple issued a response to inquisitions from Senator John Thune regarding its iPhone battery debacle.

Apple’s letter also laid out the timeline for the software update a year ago that triggered customer complaints of slower iPhone performance.

Good news! My iPhone X battery holds a full charge.

“For advanced technologies like an iPhone, consumers rely on clear and transparent disclosures from manufacturers to understand why their device may experience performance changes”, said Thune in a statement. However, if you choose to ignore the battery replacement advice, the chances of a sudden shutdown will exist.

Apple May Offer Refunds For Replaced iPhone Batteries

Apple may offer rebate to users who bought full-price batteries
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