American Horror Story: Cult Season Previews Tease New Episodes

September 06 16:38 2017

You are talking about a season of this show based on the 2016 Presidential Election, and if you lean liberal, you may already feel like the real American Horror Story is around you and not be all that interested. In the interview, she tells them that she campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the election. But could the real evil of Cult actually be his sister Winter (Billie Lourd)? That’s what this show is about.

“But I don’t know what the magic bullet is about why people love watching this show”.

The long-running anthology series from Ryan Murphy begins season 7 on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

One obvious home run was Emma Roberts’ season three performance, was a top ten most entertaining television performance in my opinion.

Ultimately, I’m just a bit exhausted of all the politics.

Then the show cuts between two very different election nights taking place in a small MI town. Meanwhile, Sarah Paulson plays a Hillary supporter named Ally Mayfair-Richards, who is overcome with grief about Donald Trump’s victory. Girls creator Lena Dunham will also guest star as Valerie Solanas.

Those words rang true in a disturbing scene – which is saying something considering the entire episode was disturbing – in which he goads a group of immigrant workers into attacking him by hurling a condom filled with urine at them while spewing racist rhetoric. Maybe there are killer clowns on the loose, possibly led by Kai and other Trumpettes in rubber masks.

For those of you who may have missed “Election Night“, check out these four things you should know about the first episode of “AHS” Season 7. Apparently, Sarah Paulson’s character, Ally is a woman who is suffering from a variety of phobias, including a clown phobia.

“There’s something about this sense of free-floating, general craziness and anxiety”, said Murphy of the current state of America eliciting enough paranoia that, for the first time in the franchise, Cult will not feature any supernatural elements.

For all the explicit (and sort of unhinged) political commentary, there are also glimmers of a more nuanced – though still easy to spot – critique on the outcome of the 2016 election. This doesn’t go over well, but that doesn’t bother Kai in the least. That won’t be the only character played by Evan though, who apparently has a bigger role in Cult than any of the previous seasons. There are news broadcasts discussing Clinton’s emails and Trump proponents chanting his name. And we haven’t even mentioned the homicidal clowns. “We’re interested in his rise and how that happened”. So, that’s been very weird. It’s not a linear story, so you won’t have to put together the puzzle pieces and try to get a grasp of what’s happening in one of the wildest shows on TV, on the fly. We do think that there will be more viewer erosion this time around, and with that our sentiment is that Cult will probably average around a 1.4.

Curious which seasons have better credits than episodes and vice versa? He will take on several different cult leaders throughout the AHS season, including Charles Manson.

“As much as I hate him, I didn’t trust her!”

Cult premieres at the same time as her “surprise project”. “And seeing those two get to go against each other has been a great reward”.

Cher is rumoured to be a part of new American Horror Story cast

American Horror Story: Cult Season Previews Tease New Episodes
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